LeAnn Rimes & Jake Cibrian: Park Pals

What a cutie!

Country singer and “bonus mom” LeAnn Rimes and her 4-year-old step-son Jake Cibrian were spotted having a swinging good time at a park in Malibu, California on Friday (August 12).

Rimes and Jake were both barefoot as they played in the sandy lot, and LeAnn seemed to be pretty taken by a little girl dressed in yellow and black, who was vying for her attention.

Could LeAnn and hubby Eddie Cibrian have plans to add to their family any time soon?

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Wowanotherdisgustingphoto-opexplotingachild

    Wow, that makes THREE staged photos in just one day from Leann Rimes.

    This is cute at all. It’s sick that this grown woman keeps tipping off the paps so that they see her with EC kids. It’s sad that the media continues to encourage this behavior from LR by telling her that it’s cute and sweet. Doesn’t Leann have some concert on the 18th, so as usual she using those kids to promote her image and career. So how come this site keeps telling us that this is cute because just about everytime we see photos of LR with those boys it is ALWAYS because she and EC are doing something for their careers.

    Of course Leann has planes to add to her and EC family, EC is cheating on her and she seems to think that a baby will somehow convince people that he is being faithful to her. The more LR exploits those kids, the more apparent it becomes that EC is cheating on her.

    So when is this site going to address the issue that EC raised in his court documents? Didn’t he say that he was disturbed seeing his kids faces plastered all over the internet and that anyone who did this was just doing it to get attention for herself?

    LR is gross and it’s disgusting that media outlets pats her on the back because she uses a little child to right before her benefit concert this week to make herself look like a “doting” stepmother. Gross.

  • Wowanotherdisgustingphoto-opexplotingachild

    If you go to eonline or TMZ and look back at the story where EC complains about BG slasing his tires, you will see this in Section 20 of EC petition (I am parapharsing and had to rewrite EC quotes because it won’t allow me to copy and paste it from the document):

    1) BG arranged for photos of her and the kids to be taken at a beach.

    So if EC thinks that BG is staging photo-ops with the kids, then doesn’t his logic also apply to him and WEWE? So we can conclude that WEWE staged this photo-op with EC son.

    2) After seeing the photos of BG and their kids in the tabloids, EC states that he was disturbed because he felt that BG was involving the kids and media in their divorce proceedings.

    Seriously, says the man who sat back and did nothing as WEWE gave interview to People mag, Shape, and ABC before either one of their divoces was final?

    3) These are EC direct words: “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi.”

    Does anyone see the major problem in EC own logic? So why didn’t EC protect his kids when their faces and names were being plastered all over the internet, blogs, radio interviews, interviews with Mikoh, tabloids, LR blog, People mag, or WEWE twitter account?

    4) These are EC own words, “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”

    Wow, something is VERY wrong here. The operative word is ANY TYPE of public exposure. Yet we keep seeing WEWE and EC expose those kids to the public in her interviews, staged photo-ops, blogs, tweets, twitpics, and People mag interviews.

    5) He says that being exposed to the media is the last thing his kids need to deal with during their divorce proceedings, which is odd because wasn’t WEWE tweeting about those kids while EC and BG were still dealing with their divorce proceedings?

    6) He then goes on to boo hoo how BG hired a publicist. Which is odd because didn’ t he do the same thing and he hired a publicist even after he stated that he didn’t have money to pay his child support.

    7) This is EC direct words, “Respondents actions are not child focused at all and exploit our dissolution to create more media attention for herself.”

    So you hear that JJ? According to EC, ANY photo of WEWE with his kids is STAGED and therefore isn’t child focused and serves to exploit his kids just to get more attention for WEWE.

    So based on EC own words, what can we conclude about WEWE playground visit with EC son?

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you are way too invested in the lives of people you don’t know. They may be crappy people, by why do the actions of total strangers make you so angry? Why are you so obsessed with them that you know about their lives in such detail? Take a valium and maybe a walk outside – you need to relax.

      • Sue

        haha, Ithought the same thing, geez, all that info, someone needs to stop living for someone else’s drama and do something more constructive in his/her life!!!!!

        • Thisisdisgusting


          Are you not living for someone else’s drama when you come to these gossip sites to make posts telling other posters what they should and shouldn’t do?

          So how come you are not doing something more constructive in YOUR life? Or are you telling me that your rule doesn’t apply to you?

      • Thisisdisgusting

        @anon @12:09
        We know about these people lives because Leann makes it VERY public and media outlets reward her by patting her on the back when she exploits those kids. Perhaps you should take a valium and maybe a walk outside-you really do need to relax because you can’t keep trying to defend LR by arguing that anyone who doesn’t react to her attention seeking in a postive manner is way too invested. Why do people like you do that? You come to gossip sites and take the time and energy to tell others not to comment on strangers?

    • Janna

      I don’t know what to conclude about the photos, but I think it’s safe to conclude that you are absolutely certifiable. The Unibomber’s manifesto was shorter than this!

      • Thisisdisgusting


        Or is it SUE? Or do you just want me to address you as Anon?

        What is certificable is how all these “LR supporters” just show up out of the blue.

        So now you are upset because someone dared to post Eddie Cibrian’s direct words about his kids faces and names being plastered all over the place?

        I take it what is shorter is Leann’s fan support. I just love how these “get a life” posters show up, yet they won’t purcahse her song from Itunes.

        • Anonymous

          The people responding to you haven’t said anything in support of either of these people – in fact, since you obviously missed it, the first comment said “they may be crappy people.” The only thing we are commenting on is the fact you are a complete whack-job.

          • Anonymous

            Anon 12:20

            Go back and read the posts that you made. So are you telling me that your posts don’t say what they say because your posts clearly state loud and clear which side you are on. It’s more than obvious that Amanda, patrice, and sue are the same person. Whack job is when you come to these sites pretending to be “neutral” or you use more than 2 different names to make it look like you have other posters to support you. You used the same wording for two of the 4 people you are pretending to be. It doesn’t matter that you wrote that EC and LR are crappy people, look at the rest of your post. Besides, you gave yourself away because this many people don’t usually post in these EC and LR threads on this site. So when 4 people show up, who are saying the very same exact thing, it’s obvious that it’s probably just one person making posts under different names. So who will you be next?

          • Anonymous

            Ahaha, if nothing else, you are fascinatingly, entertainingly crazy. Maybe you and Courtney should get together and trade stories.

          • Anonymous


            So what has you upset? The fact that I pointed out that amanda, patrice, sue, and anon are all the same person? How interesting that YOU keep coming back, didn’t you write a post about how people shouldn’t be commenting on people they don’t know? So are you telling me that your own words don’t apply to you? Or they don’t apply to you when you are trying to defend LR and EC? Or are you upset because someone would dare hold EC to HIS words and ask why we are seeing photos of those kids AFTER EC made such a big fuss in those court documents? You would know all about CRAZY since you tried to argue that the posts made by Amanda, Patrice, Sue, and anon didn’t say what they actually said.

            What you find fascinating is the fact that people are not buying what you are trying to sell.

            Speaking of trading stories and crazy, why is Leann still exploiting EC kids? That is right, LR must have a concert to promote.

  • Amanda N

    I’m not sure how being out in the public with your step-children is akin to exploiting them. What is she supposed to do – never leave the house when them? Not doing anything fun with them when they’re out in public, because, God forbid, she might look like she’s trying to get attention? She’s not doing anything any other step-parent would not do, except people follow her around with cameras to post the photos online for other people to judge.

    Give her a break – yes, their relationship started the wrong way, but I don’t believe for a second she wakes up and says, “Oh, boy, I can’t wait to take the boys out in public so I can get photographed with them! OMG, better call the paps!” Seriously, you put way too much thought into trying to find ulterior motives in the normal behavior of a person you don’t even know.

    • Patrice

      I agree with Amanda. If the kids live with LR and her husband half the time, should she not be photographed with them EVER bc it annoys some people to see her with her stepsons. Get over it. You don’t know them personally anyway.

      • Thisisdisgusting

        Of course you agree with Amanda, you are probably AMANDA and PATRICE. According to Eddie Cibrian’s words those kids should not be exposed to ANY type of media. Operative word: ANY. So just because the kids live with EC and LR, it does not give them the righ tto be photographed with them, especially since Eddie Cibrain accused his own ex-wife of tipping off the paps when she was spotted with those kids. What annoys people is Eddie Cibrians hypocrisy. Why is it okay for EC and LR to exploit those kids when EC threatened to sue hsi ex-wife if the kids made cameos on her show? Perhaps you should get over it, using different names in this one thread isn’t going to justify these staged photo-ops.

        Wow, another comment about how we can’t comment on this site because we don’t know these people personally. So then by your own logic, you can’t comment on me or this staged photo-op, right? Unless you are telling me that you know LR and EC personally.

        I must have struck a nerve because look at how all these “LR has the right to exploit” those kids come out.

    • Thisisdisgusting


      That is what Eddie Cibrain said. His wife was spotted on a beach with their kids, he stated that she had tipped off the paps and had therefore exploited them. So how come his same rules don’t apply to LR and EC? Was she not spotted on a beach with those kids? So then by EC own words, she is exploiting them. The fault lies with Eddie Cibrain because he was the one who established this standard. According to Eddie Cibrian NO TYPE of public exposure is good for his kids. In the last line of Eddie Cibrian’s court documents, he states that anyone who is exposing those kids to the media is just doing it to get attention for themselves. Leann is doing something, according to Eddie Cibrian’s own words, she tipped off the paps. So how come EC and LR shouldn’t be held to the standard that they themselves set up?

      No one is going to give LR a break. No matter how you spin it, Leann does indeed wake up with the intentions of exploiting those kids. You have Eddie Cibrian’s own words to support this.

      Look at how much thought you put into making excuses for LR bad behavior. The court documents and Eddie Cibrian’s words, which are documented in court documents, don’t lie.

      Wow, another “you don’t know” line. So Patrice, Sue, Amanda, and anon are all the same person, just like I suspected.

      We know everything there is to know about LR and EC because they tip off the paps.

  • NadiaT

    I love tie dye and the rompers. Both looks are nostagic and oh so fun!

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