Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s Darling Duo

A-listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were photographed with their adorable 3-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne at a puppet theatre in London, England on Saturday (August 13). Also attending the puppet show were the twins’ big sisters, Zahara, 6, and Shiloh, 5.

Later that same day, the power couple took their four eldest kids – including sons Maddox, 10, and Pax, 7 – shopping in Halfords in Isleworth, London.

We just spotted the lovely family celebrating Maddox’s 10th birthday at the musical Wicked.

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  • Anonymous

    what a difference a few years make. angelina is so different. having children has really changed her.

  • hopeso

    They look like they enjoyed t he shew, good for them. Love the Jolie-Pitts

  • Ausnicknick

    Wow, 3 year old Vivienne looks bigger than her mum here. Angelina is soooo thin!

    • Anonymous

      Scary thin. Not healthy.

    • Anonymous

      It seems like women who are already very slim get even thinner when they are with Brad Pitt – the same happened to Jennifer Aniston.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful family,why do women bring other women down for their weight?? we all come in different sizes,let her be

    • Janna

      I agree, I don’t get this either.

      In every post about celebrities like Sherry Shepherd or Jennifer Hudson (pre-weightloss), Mariah Carey (pre-babies) do people comment over and over again about how fat they are and that they really should lose some weight “for their health”?

      They don’t because for some reason it’s not politically correct to point out if someone is fat, but it’s completely fine to put someone down for being too thin. It’s ridiculous.

      (I’ve been guilty of it myself, but we all have to stop because it’s just wrong.)

      • Anonymous

        I feel that way about Victoria Beckham. It’s so rude for people to just outright ask them if they have an eating disorder or comment that they are too thin. Could you imagine if they asked a chunky celebrity that?

      • Anonymous

        ITA. The other thing that seems “okay” to do is constantly pick on certain (not all) celebs and speculate whether or not they are pregnant. Again, it’s usually slim celebs that get picked on most for this and those who are obviously carrying a few extra pounds escape unscathed.

        As far as Angelina is concerned, hasn’t she always been thin? I suppose I could understand the comments if she had been rapidly losing weight, say like Kate Middleton..

      • Audrey

        Agreed. I have a 50+ year old sister who is and always has been only around 90 pounds at 5’3. She can out eat and out physically work anyone I know. She is healthy just very thin – not anorexic. She has often had her feelings hurt because of what people say to her about her size. She can’t help it and I actually believe most of the people who have spoken badly to her were really jealous.

  • Anonymous

    vivi is adorable she seem so happy skipping,she is just a doll

  • kimmy

    Ausnicknick@ And you point is I mean really different post same comment its getting old get over it, how does it affect your life your life again.

    • Anonymous

      Do you know that person in real life know. So how do you know if he/she posted the same comment? You are really fast in jumping to conclusions. :^(
      Btw she is really skinny. It wouldn’t be a surprise if that woman had anorexia. I mean her legs and arms are skinnier than her kids.

      That woman should protect her children. If you go to you can see that they’re a lot pictures of them. They are cute but I feel sorry for the kids. The paps just won’t give the kids privacy. Poor kids and shame on you Angelina and Brad.

      • Anonymous

        What exactly are they supposed to do? Keep the kids confined to the house for their entire childhoods? Deny them the opportunity to do fun stuff in public because there are idiots with cameras? They’re most likely doing the best they can.

        I’d like to see laws enacted the prohibit the paps from coming within 500 feet of a child. That would go a long way toward stopping this nonsense and allowing the child to feel safe and enjoy going out. With the telephoto lens these guys have now, there’s no reason to get any closer.

        • Anonymous

          Well I don’t know how they did that but they are spotted about almost everyday in the last 2/3 weeks it’s just odd. Before they were spotted 1 or 2 times in month and now almost or everyday.

          Sorry about my English. I’m not from the USA

          • USAreader

            Seems to me that they are constantly stalked by the paparazzi and shouldn’t have to hide out at home. What’s odd is that the photographers follow these people everywhere. Sorry, I just can’t stand when people make it sound like it’s a celebrity’s FAULT that the paparazzi stalk them. It’s sick.

          • Nina Mike

            Than Elizabeth Taylor was sick because she said in 1 interview that you always can choose where to go- its a free world and you can choose not always to go where you know that the paparazi are… more than the air.

        • Audrey

          Like you I don’t believe the kids should be turned into recluses to prevent pictures. And sadly I’m one of the reasons they are taken since I’m here to look at these pics.

      • Janna

        I’m just curious why you say “that woman should protect her children”, but never mention their father who is standing right there. Should he not protect them as well?

        Of course, I’m not sure what you mean by protect them. They’re going to a theatre. Should they sneak in through the back door? Or not let them leave the house?

  • Sweet

    Vivie ane knox and shiloh so beautiful kids

  • Anonymous

    she really is. i don’t know why she doesn’t get more flack for that. she should be at least ten pounds heavier just for her health

    • Anonymous

      Angie has spoke about how being called skinny is not a compliment, There are many reasons why she is thin. She is strong enough to carry Shiloh and Zahara at the time. Alsop there are pics of her lifting Pax yesterday. I guess everyone commenting or at an ideal weight. Personally I’m 20 lbs overweight I guess I’m a horrible mom. Kids are adorable IMO

  • Anonymous

    Never thought I’d see the Jolie-Pitts at Halfords lol

  • nicoleC

    vivienne is so chubby ,cuteeeee !

  • SMH

    Angelina has always been skinny. She looks no moe skinnier here then she did pre babies.
    And Vivi isn’t chunky it’s called baby fat. Which I think is the cutest! Love this family!

  • Knox

    Knox loks so much like Angie’s dad.Angelina is beautiful.

  • kimmy

    Anonymous 9:5am @ Did you read my comment because I said that the comment on Angelina’s weight which is always mentioned on these post is getting old. I never said that Ausnicknick always post comments about her weight.

    What about shame on Jennifer Garner and Ben their kids are the most photograph celebrity kids out their ; Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes and Gwen Stefani who kids are more photograph the Jolie-Pitt kids or is your problem really with the Jolie-Pitt’s so you’ll find any reason to hate on them.

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