Alyssa Milano’s Baseball Baby Shower

Baseball, baby!

Mom-to-be – and devoted Dodgers fan – Alyssa Milano celebrated her baby shower at the ballpark this weekend, joining 35 of her friends and family (as well as a stadium full of fans) to watch her team take on the Houston Astros in LA.

The Hall Pass star, who is married to agent Dave Bugliari, took to Twitter to share a pic of one of her favorite gifts – a tiny personalized Dodgers jersey for her baby boy.

Alyssa also Tweeted her thanks to guests, including Colin Hanks, Holly Robinson Peete and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, writing, “My love & appreciation… for making this day so special. We made memories and I’m so grateful.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • klutzy_girl


    Apparently she’s due in mid September, but I think she’ll have the baby before then. It already feels like she’s been pregnant forever!

    • Anonymous

      You know people out there just simply amaze me. Alyssa Milano don’t know you from Adam, yet you seem to be an expert on how she’s feeling, when you stated she feels like she’s been pregnant forever? HOW WOULD YOU KNOW HOW SHE FEELS, are you her? NO? No one should ever say I know what they are feeling WHEN THEY TRULY DON’T!!!! Society seems to be coming more of A- holes every single day… What the heck??????

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for her to have the baby and what name they choose. She said that she was going to pick an Italian name!

    • Anonymous

      She can pick any name she wants..

  • Anonymous

    Apparently some idiots out there seem to know what a perfect stranger is feeling like, how would you like it if strangers told you, well I KNOW HOW YOU ARE FEELING… hmm it would sound weird wouldn’t it.

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