Colin Farrell: My Life Is Rich Thanks To My Sons

From wild child to devoted dad-of-two, Colin Farrell says life is better than ever now that he’s ditched the late nights at the bar for movie marathons with his sons James, 7, and Henry, 1 1/2.

“I’m a very rich boy because of having these two little fellas in my life,” the Horrible Bosses star tells the Daily Mail. “I’m working in Toronto at the moment and they’ve been up visiting me. A trailer is not the most interesting place for a child, so I filled the time with lots and lots of movies. I’m a sucker for kids’ movies. Toy Story? I love them all! My kids are sick of watching the f****** things and I’m like: ‘C’mere, we’re watching them!'”

Like many parents, Colin says he had some fears about adding a second baby to the mix, but it turns out they were unfounded.

“I was nervous when I first introduced them to each other and, of course, I was afraid that I’d love one more than the other. But the heart expands accordingly and it’s really lovely. I’m a lot more present with Henry than I was in the first few years of James’s life and it’s all been lovely.”

Life for the 35-year-old actor these days is “a lot quieter and more serene and expansive,” he says. Colin adds that he loves spending time telling stories to his boys.

“I didn’t grow up in an environment that was rife with folklore and storytelling. My parents weren’t big on stories, but I did have a fairly fecund imagination as a child. I’d create my own alternative realities, as children do – a habit that’s undervalued in adults. I think stories are really important because we’re too close to life experiences and the events that take place…. I think writers like Joseph Campbell are really important – and also the fairytales that Yeats and Oscar Wilde wrote. I will certainly be dishing them out to my sons in a better way than my father did. Right now, we’re living in the world of Dr Seuss, which is cool for me, because it doesn’t get any more profoundly pertinent than the Lorax Project.”

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