Guy Ritchie & Jacqui Ainsley: Sweet Goodbye

Guy Ritchie and girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley were spotted as they shared a tender goodbye in front of their home in London, England on Wednesday (August 17).

Though the couple have not publicly confirmed it, they are reportedly expecting a baby boy in September.

This will be the first child for Jacqui and Guy’s third son. The Sherlock Holmes director and ex-wife Madonna are parents to Rocco, 10, and David, 6.

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin


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  1. Anonymous

    This is SOOOO staged. The exact same pose and moment as when they were “caught” in LA a couple of months ago. They never get followed, yet the paps just happened to be there at the “perfect moment” to capture that exact same thing. What a coincidence! The timing is also suspect given that it was his ex’s birthday and it made big news all over the press that she was photo’d with her boyfriend. Guy’s team is working overtime.

  2. Anonymous

    That woman does not look almost 9 months pregnant.

  3. Lou x

    Staged or not (i don’t care)…its a lovely pic of them, they look very much in love. Glad Guy is finally happy and in a ‘normal’ relationship.
    For the record, i don’t think it was staged, its not like Guy is normally one to court the press.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, he does court the press, gives the tabloids exclusive interviews (so does Jacqui), has friends and family lash out against his ex and on his behalf, and has had other staged pictures. There were the pictures that they took of Jacqui in full makeup, new outfit, and just done up hair after they had met and she spent the night. He was wearing pajamas and she was strutting out of his flat like she was in a runway and posing for the cameras. Lots of sites pointed out how staged the pictures were. There were others where he was rolling around on the floor and his sons were with him. Or the ones of Jacqui sitting on his lap in front of a room full of people, in a front row of a runway show and front of the press. I could go on and on.

      What was so “abnormal” about his previous relationship? It lasted 10 years, far longer than any of the relationships he’s ever had with all the young things he’s jumped on. They had two children and were initially quite happy. The age gap between this woman and Guy vs Guy and his ex is much larger, or does it not matter since it’s the man who is older? You know he dumped the younger girl he was seeing for a few years as soon as he saw that Madonna was available? When asked why, he said, “Well, she’s Madonna.” Sounds like a fame w h o r e and gold-digger kind of reason. It certainly helped his career and he walked away with more money from her than he was ever worth or earned.

  4. Anonymous9

    Must be a relief to be with a woman who actually smiles and looks like a normal human being. I’ve never seen him look that relaxed before.

  5. courtney

    the press does this to expectant celeb couples all the time so it’s not staged every pregancy is carried differently and Jacqui hasn’t had any complications reported so she probably gained about the recomended weight 35lbs 7-8 of which will be the baby

  6. Rebecca

    She looks like she’s just got a basketball under her shirt, haha!

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