Ivanka Trump: How We Picked Arabella Rose’s Name

If she’s sleep-deprived, it sure doesn’t show! Mogul mom Ivanka Trump looked beautiful as she headed into the Today Show in New York City this morning (August 18). Ivanka, whose daughter Arabella Rose just turned 1 month old, chatted with Today.com about the early days of motherhood.

On the best – and hardest – part of being a mom: “The most fun part of being a mother so far is watching Arabella grow and experience different things every day; it is also the hardest part though! I feel like she will be out of the house and off to college before Jared and I know it.”

On picking the perfect baby name: “I have always loved the name Arabella, and Jared’s grandmothers had names beginning with an A and an R. We wanted to pay a subtle homage to those two strong and wonderful women while also adopting a name that was very unique. Plus, we thought that the initials, ARK, were cool!”

On the best advice she’s been given: “Enjoy the little things and live in the moment. It is easy to want to talk on the phone or read the paper while feeding a baby but taking a break and enjoying those everyday moments is extremely rewarding.”

Read Ivanka’s entire interview at Today.com

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  • Anonymous

    I want her shoes!!!

  • Anonymous 2

    I really like that name. And the connection is sweet.

  • Pencils

    Arabella was high on my list of names, but my husband didn’t like it. My grandmother’s middle name was Arabell, which she hated. But I like it.

    • Arabella Rose

      Did you know that arabella means beautiful in german? My parents named me arabella rose because it ment beautiful rose.

  • Anonymous

    I love the name, because it’s my daughters name as well! I just hope it doesn’t catch on! I want it to still be unique for my daughter who will be two in December!

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