Mel B Asks Fans To Help Name Baby No. 3

Phoenix, Angel … What will Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, name her third child? For that, the former Spice Girl turns to her Twitter followers to help her decide.

“What do you all think of the names Sunny, Hunter, River and Honor?” Brown tweeted, noting that her daughters’ don’t exactly have “‘regular’ names so I gotta keep it all in that family so there!! Hahaha.”

So far, Sunny has taken the lead among the star’s short list of rather androgynous names (no word as to whether Brown and hubby Stephen Belafonte are having a boy or a girl), but there’s still some time before baby’s arrival to voice your opinion.

Which name do you think Mel B should choose?

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  • Emma

    I think she should go for the name Sunny 🙂

    • LISA


  • Felicity

    What do you think of the baby boy names : Skander, Lennox, Llewellyn, Dashiell, Kenzo, Quincy, Giorgio

    Baby girl names: Darlene, Jay-Lynn, Boudine, Bernice, Danique, Davinia,

    • Anonymous 2

      FYI, she (likely) isn’t reading this. This was posted to her twitter. If you have twitter, you should respond to her there.

      • Felicity

        Of course I know that. I just put it here for fun.

    • Janna

      Skander? Llewellyn? Boudine? Davinia? That’s a bunch of . . . unusual. . . names you’ve got there.

      • Felicity

        Those are not unusual names.

      • Chloe

        No kidding – how often do you see those available on a personalized mug? Llewellyn and Davinia possibly in Britain, but Skander and Boudine are most definitely unusual.

        • Anonymous

          Seriously why do you make such a big deal of a comment? She already said that she just put the names here for fun! Also she said that She goes for baby girl name Sunny and baby boy Hunter.

        • Anonymous

          Also Davinia is a English name. Llewellyn is a Welsch name. You speak it like Luwellen. I know that because I have a cousin who’s name is also Llewellyn. Boudine is a Dutch name. It sounds like Bodine. Skander??? I think that’s a turkisch name. There’s a Britisch actor who’s name is Skandar Keynes. So Those names are usual. I think that you’re saying that these names are unusual because you haven’t heard of those names. If I didn’t hear of those names I would said that too. These names are kinda original. 🙂

  • Felicity

    But I think you should go for baby girl name, Sunny and for baby boy name Hunter.

  • Anonymous

    I haaate Sunny for a girl.
    Sonny for a boy is OK though.

  • Sophia

    I love all of those names! My new baby sibling is going to be Sunny if she’s a girl 🙂 Phoenix, Angel and Sunny sound very sweet together, and I vote for Hunter for a boy. I think this baby will be a boy. x

  • Anonymous

    How about Table or Wall – all the other names celebs pick are stupid so just join the club.

  • SMH

    Most of them sound unisex (well maybe not Hunter but I actually know a girl named River). I would say if it’s a boy I’d go with Hunter. If it’s a girl I would go with Sunny. None of those names obviously wouldn’t be my choice. Although I do kinda like Honor I just feel as though there can only be one Honor and that’s JA’s daughter 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Star magazine says she’s having a girl, if you believe them.

  • Anonymous

    there cute names. but river would be kinda weird because her first daughter is named Phoenix!

  • melo1983

    Oooh I LOVE Sunny! I wanted to name my girls Suni and Sami…didn’t happen lol. Coultyn and Sailor aren’t too shabby though ;p

  • Anonymous

    Good lord who cares – 3 kids all by different men – how nice. Such good role models for children. Pretty gross if you ask me…….

  • Anonymous

    I think melaine should stay clear of those ridiclous names theyeven don’t suit as a baby name I like the name oisin for a boy and aoibhinn or maeve for a girl would be nicer than the names she is thinking of gosh the poor child imagine three kids by three different men I say god help the poor kids jaysus aren;t they confused enough

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