Rachel Zoe Dishes About Parenting, Style & Sports

Over the years, Rachel Zoe has styled some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and built a booming fashion empire. Now, as a new mom to son Skyler Morrison Berman, Zoe is learning how to balance it all.

In an interview with Hamptons, Zoe dishes about her mom style, how she and hubby Rodger Berman are handling working together at home and at the office, and the A-list client who’s served as an inspiration to her as a working mother.

On how her style has changed since becoming a mom: “It changed in the sense that instead of taking 15 minutes to get ready, I now have about three minutes, so I find that I have to be a bit more practical. I still want to look good, but I can’t wear clothes that have a lot of zippers and buttons and things that will hurt the baby because I’m holding him all day. I find I’m dressing a lot more simply by day, and then at night, I can kind of do my normal thing a little bit more.”

On her husband, Rodger: “Rodger is amazing. We are loving parenthood, and the fact that we are business partners as well really works, because we take Skyler to the office and he is like our company mascot. He is just an incredible father, and he loves feeding him and bathing him; he is really hands-on.

We have never been happier — but never been more tired, either.”

On the celeb client who inspires her as a parent:Jennifer Garner, I think the best lesson I have learned from her is how to balance both jobs – as a mother and as someone working in Hollywood – and how to really keep your priorities straight. She is an extraordinary, very grounded person who exemplifies how to be a working mother.”

On her hopes for Skyler’s choice in extracurricular activities: “I have certain sports that I really want him to do. One is surfing, one is polo and the other one is tennis, because I feel like the injury level could be a bit lower – unless, of course, he falls off the horse, God forbid.”

He can always get into the fashion biz!

For more of Rachel’s interview with Hamptons click here.

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe Garner should share some recipes with her and teach her how to eat solid food – this woman is severely emaciated!!!

  • susan

    Looking at RZ’s overall appearance and her own clothing choices, I think it’s hysterical that celebs actually pay for her fashion advice. ‘Nuff said.

    • Anonymous2

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s actually pretty sad.

  • AnonymousDonor

    Parents.. if you’re going to go outdoors and you feel it’s bright enough for YOU to need sunglasses, it’s bright enough for your little one to have sun protection, too! ESPECIALLY when they’re lying in your arms with their faces pointed toward the sun.

  • courtney

    @AnnonymousDonor if a baby is bothered by the sun they’ll turn their head away stars only have stylists now a days because they can’t sew themselves and won’t learn

  • Rach

    They look like hobos. You couldn’t pay me to take her style advice.

  • Anonymous

    Courtney@ what does sewing have to do with anything? You do know that stylists don’t make the clothes right, they just go to the designers, stores and fashion shows and pick out clothes and accessories for celebrities/rich people to wear to event.

  • Anonymous

    Polo? Good grief…

  • Anonymous

    I swear to God, she looks exactly like my husband’s (nasty) stepmother – except for the hairstyle – same pinched face and miserable demeanour. The other difference is that Alice though 57 looks younger than Ms. Zoe. Ouch.

  • Anonymous

    15 minutes to get ready my ass.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief people! These comments are completely ridiculous! The criticism is uncalled for! Talk about nit-picking and being miserable, get a life!

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