January Jones Goes For A Doctor’s Visit

January Jones was seen going for a doctor’s visit in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (August 19). The Mad Men star later stopped by a Taco Bell drive-in.

To cover her blossoming belly she wore an off-the-shoulder top for the outing.

In June she told US that she was already getting ready for her baby’s arrival.

She said, “I’ve been in a nesting phase just preparing my house and stuff. I’ve had the luxury of a couple months off.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Bauer Griffin

  • boyscout

    This is the best she’s looked in awhile. Love her top.

  • Rach

    I’m confused by the photo from the drive through window… it looks like the picture was taken inside, where the employee would be standing at the register?

    • Anonymous

      In many fast-food places you can see the drive-through window from the public area of the restaurant. With a long lens, it would look the picture was taken from right inside the window instead of from farther away in the public area. The paps probably followed her car and then went inside to take the picture (which would give a better view of her than if they tried to take it outside).

  • Andrea

    She looks beautiful.

  • JJ

    her and kimberley stewart have no shame, Hollywood is full of bastard kids!!

    • Anonymous

      I guess you would have preferred she have an abortion?

    • Janna

      Interesting that you chose to bash Kimberly Stewart, but not Benicio Del Toro. How come you’re not shouting that he has no shame?

      Oh, and just a little news flash, calling a baby a “bastard” has always been rude and self-righteous, but it also went out of fashion in the 1970s.

      • Nayna

        KS intentionally trapped BDT with a kid what you think this was an accident get real!!!! She is a lazy, brainless, attention seeking famewhore who spends her time sleeping with famous men (and this is well known in Hollywood). Although she is no longer hangs out with P.Hilton a leopard never changes it spots (I’m no fan of Paris but at least she wouldn’t be dumb enough to do what she has done). BDT is no saint but at least he’s not workshy he will be dealing with this idiot for the rest of his life and raising the child he never wanted. BDT should’ve known that rich men should not sleep with a woman who has no job. KS is a 31 year old and stilll and always will receive handouts from her Daddy (and now BDT). Why do you think her father never released a congratulations statement? Everyone isn’t shocked by Benicio becoming a father but they are WTF at who the mother is.
        @anonymous – there is nothing wrong with having an abortion.

        • Janna

          I guess you’re right. She’s a whore and he’s an innocent victim. The poor guy. How surprised he must have been when a woman he stuck his penis into became pregnant!

          You know them better than I do, so I will defer to your immense knowledge of the incredibly intimate details of both of their lives.

          • Jay

            @Janna – You need to take your blinkers off. But it may shock you but men like BDT like women like KS because she is easy (i.e. not the marrying or have children with type). And all of a sudden she becomes “accidently” pregnant by a rich and famous man mmmmmm. Unfortunately this make BDT look like fool because he should’ve double checked his protection but most men will sleep with anything when drunk. Now KS will get $$$$ in child support. Stop fawning over women who do nothing with their lives at least hookers get paid for it. Women these days don’t seem to have any standards these days they just give it up too easily.

          • Bev

            @Janna and Anonymous – Shock horror but there are women who do trap men into pregnancy just because KS has a famous father she is no different from any woman on the street. Yes some men are stupid some don’t like to wear condoms (more fool them!) but if a woman tells them they are on the pill it’s obvious they are going to believe them especially if she told him who she was, he must of thought KS was a career woman (LOL) and didn’t want kids.

        • Anonymous

          Unless she raped him, he has exactly the same responsibility for starting the pregnancy as she did. He’s old enough to know the consequences of having sex. He is not a victim.

    • Anonymous


    • boyscout

      Like your tax dollars are gonna support her child. WTF do you care? Being married has nothing to do with being a good person or a good parent. I’d love for the paparazzi to follow you for a week so I can judge you.

      • anonymous

        @boyscout – Ofcourse our tax dollars will pay for the child if women like January Jones screw up. Having money is no guarantee that your child will come out well balanced. Maybe you’ve forgotten that celebs do court the paparazzi.

    • Anitadv

      The child will be illegitimate (not bastard) – Born of parents not lawfully married to each other.

      • Anonymous

        Illegitimate is an antiquated legal term that is no longer in use because the law does not recognize any difference between children born to married and unmarried parents. There is no such thing as a “legitimate” or “illegitimate” children anymore. Except in the minds of judgmental, moralistic jerks, of course.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, she has no shame. Because there is no shame in being a single mother.

  • Jane1

    It’s a shame how money can replace having a father no wonder Hollywood kids are screwed up – well at least they can afford therapy, unlike us normal folk

    • Anonymous

      I presume that you can point out a SPECIFIC example of a “Hollywood kid” who is screwed up because he/she was born to a single mother, or as the result of maybe a one-night stand.

      And presuming you can do that, I also presume that you know of NO children who are screwed up who happened to come from a married couple?

  • boyscout

    Yes, only the rich hollywood kids with unmarried parents are screwed up. *rolls eyes* Get real.
    JJ chose to keep this baby. Doesn’t mean the baby will never have a father just because she’s single.

  • CM

    I’m not a JJ -fan but I think she looks great in these, esp the side-shots. That outfit and her hair “billowing in the wind” make her look deadly feminine and pretty.

  • CM

    Sorry, “…look REALLY feminine…” iPhone autocorrect!

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