Pete Wentz & Bronx: Party Boys

Peter Wentz and son Bronx, 2, headed to a birthday party at a friend’s house in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (August 19).

The father-son duo was accompanied by an unidentified female, who is rumored to be Pete’s new girlfriend.

Next month Pete will have to hand over birthday-party duties to his ex (and Bronx’ mom) Ashlee Simpson, when the former Fall Out Boy bassist heads to Dubai for a giant beach-front music festival taking place on September 30. The event, the first of its kind, will host up to 12,000 people and will feature more than 25 acts including electro hop duo LMFAO.

“Off to the Middle East to play a show for the first time in September. Stoked,” Pete tweeted.

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. Anonymous

    Cut that ridiculous hair. It’s not cute anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    He looks like Bozo the clown!

  3. Gisele

    Cut that poor kids hair already, sheesh!

  4. Emily

    Yeah, that’s his sister Hilary, not his girlfriend.

  5. Elizabeth

    That is his sister!!! How many times do you have to be told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. marsacademy

    Honestly! How can people miss the identical smiles? She’s so OBVIOUSLY his sister

  7. Anonymous


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