David Beckham & Sons: Boogie Board Boys

Hang ten!

In what seems to have become a summer ritual, David Beckham and sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6, spent a warm afternoon boogie boarding on a beach in Malibu, Calif. on Friday (August 19).

The newest Beckham, newborn Harper Seven, was probably back on shore with mom Victoria. David recently joked about his only daughter dating in the distant future. “She’s got three brothers that will take her, three brothers that will eat with her and three brothers that will bring her back home and a dad waiting for her,” he laughed. “So yeah, we’ll see. That’ll be interesting.”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    they really need to get a life.

    this is getting old.

  2. Tazina

    I think we’ve seen enough photos of the Beckham’s on their boogie boards. It’s gotten really old.

  3. Anonymous

    They’re doing what every other kid in north America is doing… Enjoying their summer vacation.

    Just because you’re jealous of their life doesn’t mean you need to be rude about it. And don’t even deny it… Everyone with a brain knows that’s why you made that comment.

  4. Anonymous

    Well they do have a life and a high one. But yeah, it’s a routine now. They go out to the beach and Victoria calls her rep to tip the paps and get the weekly shots.

  5. Get With It

    Why oh Why do haters comment! Celebrity Baby Scoop make money off photos of this family! Even if Victoria calls she cannot make people write articles and post photos! I am fan of Victoria and David and i LOVE seeing these!

  6. Tazina

    I am not jealous and not rude, merely stating what most of us are thinking. Also, I’m sure the Beckham’s have had enough of the paps hanging around and taking photos of them on the beach every day. Sorry pal, you’re outnumbered.

    • Victoria

      Well Tazina, it’s not like the paps have to show up just because they’re called. Victoria and David are some of the most famous people in the world, if you didn’t know, they don’t have to call the paps.

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