Elton John & David Furnish: St. Tropez Family Vacation

What a cutie!

Elton John and David Furnish‘s adorable son Zachary, 7-months, rocked a sun hat and matching outfit for a beach day with his parents at Club 55 in St. Tropez on Friday (August 19).

The doting dads and their son are in the South of France for an extended summer vacation – a first for baby Zachary. And it’s truly a family affair – David’s parents and brothers flew in from Canada to join them.

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  1. Felicity

    He Really is a cutie!! He has such an adorable face. I just wanna squeeze his cheeks.

  2. ChiTownEggHead

    Zachary is such a little cutie pie. I want to give him a big squeeze. I feel like he is beginning to look like Elton.

  3. Elizabeth

    That little boy is very well-loved! And supremely cute, I may add. Precious.

  4. Ondine

    Despite the incredible life of wealth and privilege this boy has been given, he has been condemned to life w/out his mother’s love and I feel sorry for him.

    • Sujinah

      I am sorry but even without a mother, he can have a great and even better life than those who have a father and a mother. I know some kids that were raised by two males or by just a father, and their lives are far better than mine and I had both my parents. At least he has two parents. One doesn’t need to be a female.
      These are just prejudges. This child might “need” a mother figure at some point in his life but it doesn’t have to be a mother. But I bet Elton and his partner are doing a great job raising that cute little munchkin and he will be happy.

    • Anonymous

      you make no since, there are plenty of children in this world that are raise with out mothers, or with one parent… dont feel sorry for a child who was love from the moment of birth… feel sorry for the millions of children who have no one, who are being raised in foster care. Who are being abuse by their mothers and fathers.

    • Anne

      Please! Finally arrive in this century! Zachary grows up in a home where he is loved from the bottom of his dads’ hearts. And if you’d really would be informed you’d know that the family is in touch with the woman who gave birth, he has a nanny, he has several godmothers, his grandmother… Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for a child that will grow up happy and well-cared for, because there’s no reason. Better feel sorry for countless children that grow up being molested, deserted, abused by their fathers AND MOTHERS.

  5. Ashley

    So stinkin’ cute! That little man is all Elton!

  6. Leila

    Cute, cute, cute. Congrats, lovely fathers!!

  7. Elizabeth

    Oh, Ondine, it’s frustrating to hear you say that. This little boy, as well as Neil Patrick Harris’ twins, is obviously cherished and loved. It makes no difference what gender the parents are. I’m a teacher and I can attest that a lot of families are single mothers only. Little Zachary is a lucky boy!

  8. Anne

    This little guy is so adorable. One can see how much he is loved, because his dads are smiling all the time when being with him. What a cute little family, simply heart-warming.

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