Idina Menzel’s Birthday Plans For Walker

Taye Diggs had wanted a small birthday party for his almost 2-year-old son Walker but his wife Idina Menzel says it’s turning out to be bigger than expected.

The Glee star recently told E! Online, “Taye said, ‘Can we please do something smaller this year?’ Because last year was his first birthday and all family and everybody is around. He said, ‘Can we have something with just a few kids?’

“I was like, ‘Of course. It’s Labor Day, no one is probably going to come,'” she continued. “Meanwhile, there are 20 kids coming. [laughs] We’re going to have a Lightning McQueen bouncy castle in the backyard and then probably just have some bagels for the parents.”

With a mom and dad both talented in musical theater, Walker seems to be following in their footsteps.

Diggs said back in March, “He’s definitely singing a lot more—and a lot of times in tune, I have to say. But the biggest thing though is dancing. I know all little kids dance, but it’s pretty awesome dancing.”

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