Jewel Doesn’t Want Son Kase To Follow In Dad’s Footsteps

Jewel and Ty Murray welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Kase Townes Murray, five-weeks ago. Like all proud parents, the country singer and her retired pro-bull rider husband can’t wait to see what their son grows up to be. But this is one instance where they’re hoping little Kase doesn’t follow in dad’s footsteps!

“We want him to find his passion. Whatever that is, we are fine with it,” Jewel says. “But I hope it isn’t bull-riding.”

And Ty feels the same way as his wife. “I don’t want him to ride,” he agrees. “It is the most dangerous job in the world. But if he’s crazy as I was about it, then what do you do? One of our biggest dreams for Kase is that he finds something he loves.”

Trying not to get ahead of the game, the couple says they are just enjoying every minute with their newborn. “Everything’s new,” Jewel says. “The love you feel for the baby is a life-altering experience. Seeing my husband be such a good dad is also a nice added bonus.”

“We have parent goggles; we think he’s perfect,” the new mom laughs. “He’s mellow and chill.” And dad is just as much in love. “When he was born, I felt like somebody went to a cabinet, pulled out a perfect baby and handed him over,” he gushes. “It’s overwhelming.”

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