Guess Who Revealed: Nicole Eggert’s Newborn Daughter

It’s Nicole Eggert‘s newborn daughter!

The former Baywatch babe was spotted toting her sweet girl inside a friend’s Los Angeles home on Thursday (August 18).

Nicole’s rep recently confirmed that she welcomed a baby girl in late July. The actress, who has not yet released the name of her newborn, also has a 12-year-old daughter, Dilyn.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. Anonymous

    Selma Blair’s baby , Arthur.. Maybe?

  2. Lynn

    it’s Haven Garner Warren Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s daughter

  3. Sandy Eve

    Eloise? Dennis Richards’ daughter?

  4. SMH

    def a girl the pink head rest gives that part away! Gotta be Haven. Only newborn baby girl I can think of whose mom is the celeb.

  5. courtney

    it’s too big to be Haven who is only a wek old so I’d say It’s Eloise Joni Denise Richard’s Adopted daughter

  6. Anonymous

    alicia silverstone’s little Bear ?

  7. Anonymous

    Nicole Eggerts’ baby… it’s on another website

  8. Anonymous

    Nicole Eggert’s daughter for sure

  9. Anonymous

    Nicole Eggert’s daughter

  10. Anonymous

    Nicole Eggerts new daughter.

  11. Angelica

    it´s Haven Garner Warren?

  12. Anonymous

    It’s Nicole Eggert’s daughter, I saw this pic somewhere else.

  13. Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s Haven, we would’ve probably seen the pictures all over other sites.

  14. Anonymous

    It´s a girl. I´d say maybe Willow sage, Pink´s daughter.
    It could be Harper Seven too or Indiana, Ethan Hawke´s daughter

  15. Anonymous

    Could it be Willow Hart?

  16. Anonymous

    It´s a girl, I´d say Willow Sage Pink´s daughter.
    Maybe, Indiana, Ethan Hawke´s daughter or Harper Seven Beckham

  17. May

    I’m guessing Willow Hart. She’s a small baby. Though it could be Jordan Federline too.

  18. Anonymous

    nicole eggert’s newborn

  19. Anonymous

    The baby looks victoria beckham

  20. Frida

    Nicole Eggert’s daughter for sure

  21. Nicolas

    Mybey Victoria bickham new baby girl

  22. Anonymous

    Well, if mom is the celebrity I’d definitely say Willow because David Beckham is a celebrity himself right?

  23. Deelze

    Kate Hudson’s son Bingham “Bing” Hawn Bellamy?

  24. Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s Harper Seven, maybe Willow

  25. Anonymous

    I think it is Harper Seven because Haven is too new to be in the publics eyes already and Willow Sage is dark blonde 🙂

  26. Anonymous

    It´s Nicole Eggert´s daughter, have already seen these pic in other page. It´s true

  27. Ruby&Lucymomma

    Funny thing, assuming it’s the mom holding the car seat, Neither Posh or Jessica Alba would ever be wearing those shorts or shirt, just saying. Eggert baby all the way!

  28. Rozanna

    Its nicole eggerts daughter
    the same pic is on

  29. Anonymous

    Nicole Eggerts daughter

  30. Anonymous

    Evangeline Lilliy´s Daugther

  31. Sophia

    Seeing as other readers have seen this photo on other websites where it’s shown the mum too, I think it’s pretty safe to say this is Nicole Eggert’s baby…although I’ve never heard of Nicole Eggert haha :S Cute baby though!

  32. Anonymous

    Yes, it’s Nicole Eggert’s newborn baby girl!

  33. Anonymous

    wow, she must have gained at minimum 50 lbs, she looks unrecognizable from her pre-pregnancy self….yikers.

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