Angelina Jolie: My Mother Taught Me To Be Open With My Kids, Be Their Friend

Angelina Jolie may be known around the globe for her gorgeous guy and luscious lips, but the 36-year-old actress would rather be recognized for being a caring mother and humanitarian.

In regards to child rearing, Jolie is following in the footsteps of her late mother, Marcheline, and says her mom’s loving and gentle ways have greatly influenced the manner she and partner, Brad Pitt, are raising their culturally blended brood of six.

Although Marcheline succumbed to cancer in 2007 at the age of 57, Jolie feels that her mother taught her invaluable lessons not only about being a great mother but being your child’s friend as well.

“My mum always made it clear that I was her friend – and that is a lesson on how to bring up my own children,” Jolie tells The Sun. “When we talked, I felt she wanted to hear what I had to say. She enjoyed me and I feel I’m enjoying my kids. We play together, we dance. Even though they’re all from different backgrounds, they feel like they’re part of the same family. My mum was my heroine. She was a generous, warm individual, who led a very private life but walked through it with kindness and grace.”

Jolie went on to reveal that she lived with her boyfriend at the age of 14 — in her mother’s house!

“One of my boyfriends lived with me at my mum’s house when I was just 14. It was the smartest thing my mother could have done because, this way, we weren’t hanging out in a park together. We lived like a married couple for two years. By the time I was 16, I wanted my freedom and wanted to focus on work. So I graduated from high school early and went to work. I did not date until I met Jonny (Brit actor Jonny Lee Miller, her first husband) aged 19. I was my mum’s girlfriend. So I was able to talk to her about everything. I was drawn to acting as a little girl.”

Jolie claims that her mother taught her children the value of self-reflection and the ability to look inwards to answer questions.

“Any time I had a problem, Mum would ask: “What are you feeling? What are you thinking? What are you doing? So she taught me to question myself. We would jokingly call her Marshmallow, instead of Marcheline, because she was the most gentle person in the world. But when it came to her kids, she was fierce in their protection.”

She went on to say that life is good at the Jolie-Pitt household.

Jolie says, “I am so blessed to have healthy children and a great partner. We are having a wonderful time raising our kids together. There is a lot of love in our home.”

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  • Anonymous

    They are best family cute dad and mom

  • Anonymous

    Kids have plenty of friends, but they only have 1 mother. Her kids feel like they are part of the same family. What? She lived with her boyfriend at 14. What is the age of consent in USA?

  • Domino

    She’s really gross looking, her legs and arms look horrible. Someone feed this woman. Or maybe it’s all the drugs she did, like Amy Whinehouse, who knows.

  • rosie

    Angelina’s mother really does sound like a lovely person, and reminds me a lot of my mother who is just 54 years old and has recently gone through chemo- and radiotherapy to fight the cancer that returned after ten years. Why is it so often the kindest, gentlest people who are made to suffer the most?

  • Christina

    Wow. A whole lot of this “interview” appears to have been culled from quotes that AJ gave YEARS ago already. How scandalous!

  • Anonymous

    Some nasty rumors are telling just the opposite about Angie and her late mum´s relationship but this story about Angie following on her mum´s footsteps as being a good mum seems to be true. It´s so wonderful to see pics of Angie out with only one of their children or with all of them. She really loves her children and isn´t ashamed of showing how loving mum she is. The smiles on their children´s little faces tell it all. If their mum wouldn´t love them they wouldn´t be smiling when out with mum. Angie was meant to be a mum and Brad was meant to be a dad to these adorable six kids. It´s easy to see that all six are very dear to their parents. BTW. The person who claims that Angie had a poor relationship with her mum was allegedly Angie´s nanny. I don´t believe a word of that story.

  • Anonymous

    CBS Please do not post false stories, Angelina Jolie never give this interview to “The Sun” really their just as bad as “The Enquirer” it looks like they took thing from old interviews and mix in made up . Just like “In Touch” story about the Smith splitting which was made up by the tabloids and the whole Angelina reveal that she that her boyfriend lived with her when she was younger, is old news which she revealed more the 6 years ago “Inside The Actors Studio” in 2005.

    Not to mention this is the only site that posted this so called “interview” when site like justjared, popsugar, x17online, celebitchy and many more that post interviews from her all the time and not one of them has this one and these are site post information before CBS does what does that tell you.

  • Sarah34

    I not a fan of hers and I can tell this story is BS just like the story about the Smith’s and the one that was posted here about Suri Cruise being afraid of planes when just a day later she was happy and smiling getting off one. I thought this site was better than that to post false stories , I mean that why I go here to not have to see this crap, please think about what you post here is true and not made -up.

    Big red fag for fales stories: no name sources , comes from The Sun, Star, Enquirer,Life & style, Us , In Touch and Ok magazine.

    • F.A.J

      AGREED!!! :^)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine her ever speaking to The Sun.
    They’re THE worst paper going in the UK. Not a reliable source.

  • Anonymous

    Knox sooo handsome boy with shiloh most beautiful little lady and they family the world top voted the best family

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