Hank Baskett’s Beautiful Boy

It doesn’t get much cuter than this!

Football star Hank Baskett spent some quality time with his precious 1 1/2-year-old son Hank Jr. at a park in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Monday (August 22). Mama, reality TV starlet Kendra Wilkinson, was not spotted with the handsome duo.

The Wilkinson-Basketts were spotted enjoying some family time at a playground earlier this month. Such a sweet family!

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Photo credit: GSI Media


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  1. HaterzGonnaHate

    This one gorgeous kid.

  2. Anonymous

    Remmber Perfect jolie pitt kids in summery most pretty boy

    • Felicity

      Seriously. You can’t compare this child with jolie-pitt kids. He much cuter.
      They’re videos of him. On hank baskett twitter. You can watch them. I saw them and they’re adorable!!!

      • F.A.J

        Totally agree. Hank is much cuter than the jolie-pitts. Also I agree with you anonymous 11:55am. This post isn’t about the jolie-pitt kids. If you want to talk about them than to that if there is a post of the jolie-pitt kids. And I also saw the videos of Hank baskett Jr on Hank baskett twitter. If you want to watch them I’ve got it here:

        you also get this links on Hank Baskett twitter. :^)

    • Anonymous

      Why are you posting that in this thread? This post isn’t about the Jolie-Pitt kids.

  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful ever he looks both parent’s

  4. April

    Seriously this child can’t be any cuter. Felicity I also saw those pics. They’re cute.

  5. Anonymous

    oh my god that kid is perfect…

  6. Anonymous

    I want play with hem so adroble

  7. Anonymous

    I’m over the hair…sorry.

  8. Anonymous

    Cut hair to be best baby boy<3

  9. popsykl

    he is finally starting to get a little chocolate…gorgeous

  10. Anonymous

    Britney boys more beautiful than hank

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t think he is THAT gorgeous, or perfect like somebody said.. He is cute, but not spectacular..The hair is the one that makes him look a little different than other kids…Of course, this is just an opinion.

  12. Anonymous

    The britney boys more beautiful child in hollywood

  13. brenda

    I just want to pinch his cute round cheeks! Dad too! I hope they make .

  14. Anonymous

    wow he is beautiful! i love the exotic look he has!! too cute!! this little man is going to be a future heart-breaker!!! 🙂

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