Hilary Duff’s Pregnancy Costing Her Movie Roles?

Hilary Duff’s pregnancy may be fantastic news for the mom-to-be, but could it be costing her movie roles?

Recent news suggests this may be what’s happening.

On Monday morning, TMZ reported that Duff, 23, has been released from the developing film, The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Although the blonde beauty was cast to play a bank robbing heroine, her pregnancy announcement throws a major wrench in the indie’s planned production schedule.

“Unfortunately, we are now faced with scheduling conflicts with our leads Hilary Duff and Kevin Zegers.” the producers told US Weekly.

“We were told that Duff would not be available until June 2012 and that Zegers would not be available until January of the new year. Due to our obligations with investors and international buyers, it is imperative that we stick to our current schedule. Therefore, we are forced to explore other options for the two lead roles.”

Although the movie will continue on without Hilary, director Tonya Holly commented, “We know that she’ll be a wonderful mom. So we are really happy for her.”

This is Hilary’s first pregnancy with Canadian hockey star husband, Mike Comrie.

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  • Janna

    “Costing her movie roles”? That’s an odd way to put it. Why would anyone be surprised that she would be unable to play a non-pregnant bank robbing heroine? She wouldn’t be playing Wonder Woman, Marilyn Monroe or Ellen DeGeneres either!

    I mean, it sucks that she won’t be in the movie, but the quote says “We were told that Duff would not be available until June 2012…” so it looks like she pulled out, not that she was fired (which is kind of what the headline is trying to imply).

  • lily

    So many other actresses have starred in movies & tv shows while heavily pregnant (Reese Witherspoon in “Vanity Fair”) even though their characters weren’t pregnant, this seems doubtful. Unless Hilary has decided not to work while pregnant or post-partum.

  • courtney

    those producers are going to be in hot water it’s illeagal to fire an actress because she’s pregnant it’s another thing if she chose to leave the production for medical resons associated with the pregnancy.

    • Anonymous

      Courtney, there’s this great new thing called a period. You place it in between sentences. Please try it sometime.

    • Janna

      Courtney, it doesn’t say that they fired her. It says that she was unavailable until 2012 and they couldn’t wait. There’s a big difference.

      (And Anonymous, that was seriously funny!!! But Courtney has been posting without punctuation for years now! LOL)

  • Anonymous

    (“Costing her movie roles”? It not like people are bending over backwards to cast her in their movies, I mean in the last 3 years she been in a hand full of movies and every one of them bomb big time. I sure she no great lost to the file she not that good of an actress to begin with, she ok in TV but can’t pull of a movie.

  • Anonymous

    What movie roles?

  • SMH

    Sorry Hillary it’s not being pregnant that’s costing you movie roles it’s your acting!!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure this pregnancy is the only thing keeping her in the public eye.

  • Isabelle

    Ok. What am I missing in that article? The director clearly states scheduling conflicts are the issue. BTW, Hilary has her second novel in a series out this October. She isn’t superhuman. She can only do one thing @ a time. I’m glad she is thinking of her baby and realizing she can’t film, promote, go on book tours all in the same month. It’s impossible so she shouldn’t even try.

    If you are going by the title of this article, then I have to assume the reason Kevin is not doing the movie because he is pregnant and being discriminated….! (my point is to all the websites claiming she is fired when it sounds quite amicable and she probably approached the studios with it) If that is the case, anyone would sue. Scheduling conflicts are a pain in ANY movie especially if the movie filming dates change often due to lack of money or nature.

  • Sara

    I thought it was already announced a while ago that she wouldn’t be starring in the movie, way before she announced she was pregnant…

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