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Our friends at HerSay kindly invited Celebrity Baby Scoop back to the hot seat. This time, the hot topic revolved around one of our favorite celebrity moms, Heidi Klum!

Check out our chat about the latest pics of the Klum-Samuels enjoying the sand and surf — topless! Would you let it all hang out in front of your kids? Would you allow your daughter to join in the fun?

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  • Lioness

    I do not get the fuss over the whole “naked-in-front-of-your-own-kids” behavior… seriously, WHAT is the big deal about it? You’re only showing them body parts- that they either already have, or will have eventually. What other way is there to view it?

  • Kristina

    Hopefully, the video is playful, but the question is so prudish and American.

    I’m sure her older children have seen her breastfeeding the younger children. I’m sure there are family photos of her breastfeeding. I’m sure that if they travel in Europe and have European relatives that they’ve seen women breastfeed. They are not strangers to breasts, I would wager. And as for letting one’s girl participate, breasts are secondary sex characteristics, meaning they develop at puberty. Prepubescent boys and girls do not have breasts. Exposing little boys’ and girls’ chests has no sexual overtones.

  • justtcc

    I’m a 27 year old female and grew up with in a house with my dad, mom and younger sister sharing 1 bathroom! I was 18 before my father passed however up until then my parents saw me naked and I saw them naked…not a huge deal. We were a very open family and I never thought it strange, it was a totally natural thing for us! If you find it weird being naked in from of your parents or seeing your parents naked then that is fine and your choice, just do not judge others that do it – it is their choice and they feel differently from you.

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