Halle Berry Wins Latest Custody Battle Over Nahla

The drama continues….

TMZ reports that Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry were in court once again on Friday (August 26), in the ongoing custody war over their 3-year-old daughter, Nahla. What are they fighting over now?

According to sources, Halle will soon be heading to Europe for work, but first, the former couple needed the judge to clarify the “movie clause” in their custody agreement; specifically, how time with Nahla will be divided when Berry is on location for a film.

After hearing both arguments, the judge ultimately agreed with Halle and her lawyers’ interpretation of the clause, therefore, Gabriel won’t be getting as much time with his daughter as he hoped.

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  1. Andrea

    So sad. He seems as much of a devoted parent to their daughter as she is.

  2. Shirelle

    I feel like Halle used him to get pregnant and know she wants him out of the picture. Not trying to be mean but just saying

  3. Mel

    It’s Nahla loss, every child has the right to be parented by both parents.

    And it annoys me when I read stuff like ‘what are they fighting over now?’ Hopefully when Nahla is old enough she’ll understand how much her father loves her. I grew up without a father, he could have walked back in to my life any time but made the decision not to. My heart goes out Gabriel, I hope Halle feels proud of herself depriving her child of her father because she wants to make a stupid movie.

  4. Anonymous

    Of course she proud of herself that why she leak this info to TMZ.

    So while Halle filming Nahla going to be with her nanny,I think the judge should have made it 50 50 half the time Nahla would be with her mom filming the other half she would be with her dad.

  5. Bubba

    Halle Berry should be ashamed of herself for her continuous bad behavior in the breakup with Gabriel Aubrey. She is an embarrassment to all women. Take your wretched jealousy out of the picture, Berry, and DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR CHILD. Creating constant conflict with your child’s father is not what is best for her. The child will figure out how nasty her mother truely is when she gets a bit older and she WILL choose to live with her father – Berry is making the same mistake every other low class mother does who uses the Family Court system to harass their ex. Berry is nothing more than an overpaid self absorbed actor, who is NOT behaving like a caring and concerned MOTHER. Berry controls Gabriel Aubrey though their child – using the child as a tool, the manipulative bee-atch. It is too bad Aubrey fell for Berry – she is not worth even the slightest bit of attention from anyone. Aubrey is gorgeous and Berry is making him unattractive to any other female with her jealous, pathetic, stupid behavior…. she is the ultimate form of “baggage”. Giving birth to a child does not make a woman a “mother”.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like Aubrey is your man. Get a grip Bubba. It appears that Aubrey only wanted Halley Berry for the prestigious image. One’s true self appears slowly at first then you see changes speed up rapidly. Hidden agendas on Aubrey’s part he new she wanted a family. He thought she was a weak little girl still bearing on the pain that the men she fell in love with bestowed on her.
      Only to find out she is a strong woman, a mother loving her child.

    • Anonymous

      You have some issues!

      You need help!

  6. Anonymous

    Gab knew what he was getting into when he got with Halle. So, why is he suddenly moaning because she has to travel for work. He is intentionally trying to be difficult. Be a man and suck it up.

    • anonymous

      Well, before a man, he’s a dad. And he probably thought she would show some sanity in all this.

    • Anonymous

      he should be a man and “suck it up”? hmmm, why not, she should be a mom and put her child’s well being and relationship with both parents first? Raising a child isn’t a competitive game of tug-of-war, if you’re going away for business then you should be the one to see your child less often so you don’t screw up their routine (Nahla should be living with her dad since, even living with her, Berry will be spending long days on set – give the child some normalcy)

  7. Rach

    I agree, it seems like she just used him as a sperm donor, and she is trying to treat him like that and cut him out now that she is done with him and is moving on. He does seem like a good, involved father, a rarity these days. They should put all their differences aside in an adult fashion for Nahla’s sake.

  8. The Shenaniganizer

    Man I never did like Halle Berry. Stuff like this reminds me why. What a selfish you-know-what.

  9. Marine

    Can’t believe it ! This woman is a shark :@

  10. Anonymous

    Halle is being so selfish. It’s obvious that Gabriel adores that little girl.

  11. Anonymous

    Halle comes across to me as mentally ill. Her past behavior shows how nasty she can be to anyone she decides not to like. This is all about hurting Gabriel at this point and not about Nahla. Very sad and I think it has a lot to due with her jealousy over Gabriel and Nahla’s happy relationship.

  12. SMH

    There should be no custody battles unless one of the parent proves unfit. Poor Nahla she’s the only “loser” in this mess!

  13. Kat

    Some of you make me laugh…she is an actress,he knew that already.Is she supposed to quit her job?the funny thing is that if you were in her place you’ll have done the same thing,what mother would be ok with not seeing her 3 year old for 4-6 months while she films?Even if the nanny takes care of Nahla when Halle films,at least Nahla would get to see her mom everyday…and Gabriel can travel to see Nahla if he wants to see her that bad and in the meantime he can use skype,lots of parents do it.There is nothing selfish about what she is doing,it’s her job and she is the breadwinner,yes,he’s a model but he doesn’t make as much as her..the sad thing is the fact that,they had to go to court to settle this instead of working it out between them

    • Mollybeejay

      Kat, thank you for being the voice of reason on this strand. I have not seen so much hate for someone since the last Will and Jada story was published on Huffingtonpost. it just amazes me how people can speak with such assurance about a relation ship that they only know about from the internet.

    • SiervaMaria

      Brava Kat! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Gabrial is a piece of work. In my opinion? The guy loves his kid but he also wants full custody and all that will afford him. He has nothing. His modeling career is numbered, his resturant is gone. He’s become accostumed to a lifestyle and Halle can provide that via his having sole custody of their child. These women feeling bad for him have blinders on.

  14. nicoleC

    oh………… i just wish Nahla is happy and she can have some time with her daddy in the future !

  15. Anonymous

    Why is she so bitter?? She will end up old and all alone. Good looks will only get you so far. No man wants to stay with her and her daughter will resent her. I’m surprised she still gets picked to do movies if she is so unpleasant.

  16. Tazina

    Here you have a dad who is devoted to his daughter, but he seems to have to fight the mother every inch of the way in order to see his child more than some kind of token amount she seems to prefer he have. It’s just sad. When Nahla grows up she’s going to hear the real story from her dad how access to her was blocked. It won’t go well for Halle. She should be a decent human being now to avoid resentment from her daughter later.

  17. Anonymous

    Why so much Gabriel love on here? Yeah, we see him with her a lot, but mere physical presence does not equal love. How do you know he ‘adores’ her? We don’t know anything- let those in better position to know than us decide.

  18. Anonymous

    Are you people nuts?!?! You have no idea what they went to court about. From the little bit of info that’s online, she was trying to make him stick to the custody agreement THAT IS ALREADY IN PLACE. How does that make her bitter?

    YOU DON’T >>>KNOW<<< ANYTHING. What a vicious bunch of harpies you all are.

  19. kimmy

    Anonymous 11:17am@ the same can be said about Halle , she is with Nahla a lot, but mere physical presence does not equal love, How do you know she ‘adores’ her? We don’t know anything…

  20. Mel

    @ Kat, so basically you’re saying Halle is has more rights as a parent because she earns more money?

    You’d think after her having such a negative experience with her own father she would try her hardest to allow Aubrey to co-parent Nahla.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Aubrey releases those phone tapes now so the world can see have crazy she really is.

    • Kat

      ummmmmmmmmm maybe you should reread what i wrote and yes she is the breadwinner,so that means that she has to keep on working to give Nahla the kind of lifestyle she is accustomed to…What is she supposed to do?turn down the opportunity to make good money while filming that movie in Europe?would you?she’s not trying to keep him away from Nahla as we’ve seen many pics of Gabe and Nahla together since they started their custody battle,she just wanted the green light to take Nahla with her while she films.If he loves Nahla as i’m sure he does,he can travel to see her,call her or skype with her while not there…lots of regular parents do it everyday,why not him?It’s always great to judge when you are not in the other person’s shoes.

      • Anonymous

        “she has to keep on working to give Nahla the kind of lifestyle she is accustomed to” Really? the only things Nahla needs is food, Clothes, education, and shelter everything else is a want not a need. Millions grow up without living in a mansion and they do just fine without the kind of money Halle has.

        Having a skype chat with your child is not the same as seeing them in the flesh so why should Gabriel have to miss out on personal contact with his kid?

        • SEAN

          …actually, he filed for custody AND spousal support. How can she provide spousal support if she does not work. Has anyone looked over the public documents filed at the court house? Very simple to do really instead of taking bits and pieces from entertainment magazines/website. Just a thought.

  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:04pm@ All he wanted was to have more time with his daughter and to not have to travel to wherever Halle is filming to see Nahla.

    He so evil I mean how dear a father wants to spend more time with his child…lol

  22. Gisele

    It’s like, Halle, do you really need to make more movies? You’re a mom now, you’re loaded, why don’t you just sit down? Your movies aren’t that great anyway…

  23. Get With It

    Feel bad for their adorable Nahla! Both parents need to do better in dealing with this issue!

  24. Eva_Baby

    Oh,, GMAFB! How pearl clutchy everyone seems to be when it comes to a child they know nothing about, a custody agreement they haven’t read and people they’ve never met. Everybody going on about how evil, selfish etc. etc. Halle is needs to get a clue.

    I swear if she had blithely gone off to Europe for 4 months and left Nahla behind people would be wondering what kind of mother she is to leave her child? The commentariat would be all about how she obviously doesn’t care and how that proves Gabe loves Nahla more. Blah, blah blah. This is no different than thousands of other custody battles that rage between parents every single day.

    On the internets Apparently being a working mother who wants the father to abide by a custody agreement doesn’t matter so much as long as the father is a hot male model.

  25. Anonymous 2

    I don’t get all the melodramatic comments assuming Nahla will never see her father again or something. All this means is Gabriel needs to make arrangements to go to Europe, which I’m sure he is capable of doing. If she has to temporarily relocate for her job, which he knew would happen since he was involved with a working actress, why should she have to not see her child? Or only see her child during down time? It just makes more sense that he’d accommodate her schedule. I don’t see how that means she’s a “shark” who “used him” and doesn’t want her daughter to have a relationship with her father. You people are so reactionary and foolish.

  26. Anonymous

    I Believe both of these parents love Nahla, but I think settling their issues between them instead of bringing lawyers in every chance would be better on their daughter. Plus I don’t see why he can’t have for the first part then bring her up to where Halle is filming. Halle will be working long hours, and Nahla more than likely will be with nannies. I am a mother, so I know how hard it is to leave your child even for just a few days. Halle is making things difficult for him every chance she gets, that is one thing I am a firm believer in is making sure my sons have their father around.

  27. SiervaMaria

    It blows my mind how “women” have made Halle the villian here when even Gabriel’s friends and even his x-business partner are on record (look it up) as stating…..not saying but stating…..that the guy was about the money and the doors Halle could open. Yeah, he loves his kid but please stop acting like he was and is w/o an agenda and she’s some evil mommy trying to extricate their daughter from his clutches. He’s a charmer and I guess he’s darn good at it after reading some of the comments here and elsewhere.

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