Matt Damon A.K.A ‘Red Alert’

Matt Damon, an overprotective dad? Who knew?! While promoting his latest film, the Oscar-winning actor revealed that becoming a father to his four girls – Alexia, 12, Isabella, 5, Gia, 3, and Stella, 10 months – has made him a bit of a worrier.

“I’m probably more protective than I’ve ever been now that I have children,” the Contagion star told reporters Saturday (August 27).

“My wife [Luciana]’s nickname for me is ‘Red Alert,'” Damon said with a laugh. “I sometimes check to see if the kids are breathing.”

The good news for his daughters is that Matt is aware of his problem, and making an effort to keep from hovering, telling reporters that he’s trying not to be a “helicopter parent.”

The bad news? We’re sure that as soon as the girls start dating, all bets are off!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Happy Time

    It is so nice that he is overprotective but the word is hovering over them.

    Thanks so much for the photos . We have not seen him in so long!

    • Anonymous

      That photo is not new.

  • Mattie 5 movies

    The word is hovering ! Mattie is the best dad ever

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