Christina Applegate Parallels Life With Work

First-time mom, Christina Applegate, is noticing some uncanny similarities between her life at home and her role on Up All Night, a new sitcom focused on the realities of parenting.

“Sometimes you stop and go, ‘Oh my God, this is so from the pilot. Are we doing the pilot right now?’” the actress — and mom to 7-month-old daughter Sadie Grace — shares with New York. “The pilot is happening right inside my house,” she adds.

During the show, Christina finds herself cursing in front of her little one, only to realize that tiny ears are listening all around her and taking in her every word.

She jokes that this experience is one she knows all too well at home.

“I think we did that until all of a sudden your baby goes, ‘F—!’ And then you’re like, ‘Awww, s—!’”

Co-star and fellow parent, Will Arnett, has come to the same realization with his two year old son, Archie.

“It’s bizarrely seamless now, from home to work,” the actor, 41, explains. “[Kids] hear everything. It’s like living in East Berlin in the ’70s. So you have to be really, really careful.”

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