Halle Berry’s Kite Kid

Taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, Halle Berry had some fun in the sun with her 3-year-old daughter Nahla at the beach on Saturday (August 27) in Malibu, Calif. The pretty pair were joined by a friend as they played with a Dora kite and splashed around in the water.

The day before Halle and Nahla’s father, male model Gabriel Aubry, were in court for their ongoing custody war.

Reportedly, Halle will soon be heading to Europe for work, but first, the former couple needed the judge to clarify the “movie clause” in their custody agreement.

The judge ultimately agreed with Halle and her lawyers’ interpretation of the clause, therefore, Gabriel won’t be getting as much time with his daughter as he hoped.

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Photo credit: GSI Media / Fame

  • Tara

    Nahla makes the funniest faces.. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Toddlers should only wear a one piece bathing suit!! This is too adult for a 3 year old.

    • Anonymous

      There’s nothing wrong with it. Kids wear bikinis all the time (I did).

    • Anonymous

      i agree, i hate bikini’s on babies. it looks so trashy.

  • Anonymous

    Nahla is so besutiful, she makes the most sinester faces! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Lay the kite on the ground, unroll more string. (about 30 feet), then pull the end hard. Your kite is now flying high. 😉

  • eb

    Nahla is wearing a two piece thats ridicouls to me.. Halle Berry should dress her in abetter bathing suit.

  • Lioness

    I swear, I will understand bikinis on children. It just looks weird. Bikinis are for adults, or at least teens with the body to fill them.

    That said, Nahla is simply an adorable child.

  • Anonymous

    Halle’s body is so incredible it’s just almost unbelievable. And I’m not suggesting anything….I’m just saying. It’s crazy perfect!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Nahla looks adorable in her bikini. She probably wanted to look like her mommy, who wears bikini’s. I see nothing wrong with amall kiddies wearing them. I hope that it’s not inappropriate to say that Nahla has a lovely figure for such a young child. If so, forgive me.

  • noneedtoknow

    Nahla is gorgeous!! Love the bikini on her

  • VettieVet

    Seriously how is having a bikini inappropriate. a 2 piece is more practical i swear ppl are so weirdly uptight when it comes to kids these days

  • Anonymous

    Nahla looks so happy!!! Aside Allll the negative press/comments Halle receives on a daily, the only thing that truly matters, is that She loves/adores Nahla to bits. Nahla seems really happy/w school and her little life… She is so beautiful. And mommy Halle will always be gorgeous in my eyes. P.S. Daddy Gab is very easy on the eye too…

  • Sharon

    sorry but the kid is ugly

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