Hilary Duff: “I Dream That It’s A Boy!”

Could it be those late night pregnancy cravings that’s causing pop star Hilary Duff to be dreaming about boys?

The singing sensation – who is expecting her first child with husband Mike Comrie – seems to have blue on the brain, at least when she closes her eyes at night.

“Every time I dream about it, I dream that it’s a boy,” Hilary, 23, reveals to Life & Style at the Los Angeles Mission End of Summer Block party on August 27. “It doesn’t mean that I’d rather have a boy — it’s just a weird thing.” she adds.

Although the former Disney starlet wants a healthy and happy baby, she is also really looking forward to meeting her little one.

“We are really excited to see what it looks like, see a little mix of ourselves, expanding our family — we just love kids,” she says.

Hilary continues to gush about her hubby’s love of children and his ability to be a great father.

If there’s one thing Mike will be good at it, it’s being a father. He’s so good with kids. When we got married, I inherited six nieces and nephews. They have a lot of kids in their family, and it’s a lot of fun. He’s so good with them!”

So has the cute couple picked out any baby names yet?

“Yeah, of course!” she says. “We talked about names even before I was pregnant.”

We are looking forward to hearing all about Hilary’s journey into motherhood!

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  • Anonymous

    Think you going to have a baby girl.

  • Shirelle

    I hope it’s a little girl

  • Daniella

    My mother says she felt a similar way with each of her pregnancies. She knew of course that each time was 50/50, but she guessed right each time. Haha, maybe I just didn’t kick her as much as my brothers did.

  • Annie123

    I know she’s pregnant and all, so this might seem mean, but look at those shoulders! She should be a swimmer!

  • Anonymous

    How about hope for a healthy child?

    • Anonymous

      what the heck does this have to do with anything she said??

  • SMH

    She never said she doesn’t wish for a healthy baby!! Clearly she says that she has had dreams it’s a boy but doesn’t say anything about wanting it to be one:

    “”It doesn’t mean that I’d rather have a boy — it’s just a weird thing.”

  • jacquie109

    So telling people that you have dreams about having a boy means that she doesn’t want a healthy child? HMM that’s new….

  • Anonymous

    Funny! I had dreams almost every night about holding a baby girl, I just knew I was pregnant! I was positive it was a girl, the baby is my dreams looked just like me and my husband. 9 months later, a beautiful and healthy baby boy! LOL!

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