Kendra Wilkinson Overcomes Postpartum Depression

Kendra Wilkinson didn’t need an prescription to conquer a bout of postpartum depression – just a dose of cardio with a side of clean eating.

The former Girls Next Door star – who welcomed son Hank IV with hubby Hank Baskett IV in 2009 – openly discusses her struggles adjusting to motherhood and the difficulty of dropping the dreaded baby weight.

Not only did the buxom bombshell feel that the pregnancy ruined her famous figure but she also felt both internal and external pressure to return to her pre-baby bod only weeks after baby Hank was born.

Kendra reveals that carrying the extra pounds caused her to dress and act differently and become someone she wasn’t.

I felt like I had to be a different person. I had to be conservative and wear turtlenecks and be someone that I wasn’t. Now that I have my body back and I feel good again, I have the perfect amount of balance. It’s all about finding the balance. It got pretty bad, (but) not to the point where I would harm my family. I was a great mom and did what I needed to, but I was definitely very depressed. (Motherhood is) a big change in life and it happened overnight. ”

Kendra claims the daily struggles of being a new mom coupled with the scrutinous public eye only seemed to exacerbate her depression.

“At the time I was doing whatever I could for the baby, but I lost myself and it was really frustrating. Being in the spotlight is a lot of pressure about losing the weight, (especially) coming from the Playboy world.” she says.

Although the former Playboy Playmate has regained her shapely physique and unwavering confidence, she still feels that postpartum depression in an issue that needs more recognition and awareness.

“A lot of women suffer from PPD (postpartum depression). It needs to be talked about.”

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  1. Anonymous

    What has that got to do with depression…?

  2. Anonymous

    She didn’t suffer ppd…she was just worried about her body and herself…she ought to be ashamed of herself,if you read what she said it’s clear…ppd it’s a serious disease not a new trend or a new way to make money

    • Anonymous 2

      I’m reluctant to base her entire post-partum experience on the few words we have here. BUT I do agree that based on what we see here she’s saying post-partum depression when what it was was simply vanity and body image issues. I wonder if her book is the same.

  3. Ondine

    I don’t know why she’s blaming it on all on the baby. I bet she was more than a little depressed after selling herself out to a reality TV contract showing every awful detail and bad decision she makes on television, marrying a guy she knew only 6 months, leaving the Playboy mansion and her Playboy Bunny life behind her, having a baby, then her husband loses his NFL job and she realizes that her life is really back in California so she refuses to live w/ the husband and returns to Cali as a washedup Playboy Bunny. Even Playboy magazine couldn’t use the photos they took of her post-pregnancy, they used photos from a prior shoot from years ago. She’s got good reason to be depressed.

  4. Anonymous

    Uh, I think Brooke Shields had a more compelling ppd story, and one that brought ppd out of the shadows. Kendra is grasping at fame straws here. Didn’t she have a cover of some tabloid after her baby was born talking about how she got her body back, blah blah blah? She is boring and looks older than her age. Don’t even know how she got into the Playboy Mansion with that face.

    But her son is cute as hell. I attribute that to daddy.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:19@ Your spot on she was on more than one cover tabloid magazine after her baby was born talking about how she got her body back that’s all she ever talk about.

    It bugs me when you hear reality stars complain about being in the spot light when they are the ones how put themselves in the spotlight by selling their lives and kids lives on TV for a quick buck.

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