Angelina Jolie Puts Rumors To Rest

Looking stunning as always on the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Angelina Jolie takes time out from talking about her directorial debut In the Land of Blood and Honey to put a few rumors to rest.

First of all, there is “no secret wedding,” she insists, referring to reports that she and her partner Brad Pitt are planning to tie the knot soon. Second, “I’m not pregnant,” the mom-of-six says, adding, “I’m not adopting at the moment.”

As for her latest career move, the Oscar-winner reveals how she came to write the script and then sign on to direct her new film.

“I had the flu. I had to be quarantined from the children for two days. I was in the attic of a house in France. I was isolated, pacing. I don’t watch TV and I wasn’t reading anything. So I started writing. I went from the beginning to the end. I didn’t know any other way.”

Afterwards, she asked Brad to take a look at what she’s written. “He called and said, ‘You know, honey, it’s not that bad.'”

Deciding to forge ahead, Angelina explains, “It was something I didn’t trust out of my hands. So by default I ended up putting myself in as director.”

She’s quick to point out that her partner in parenting has been a big part of the process as well: “He’d come in and say what he liked or what he didn’t understand. Like any woman, I would listen to most of it and fight a few things. He’s been so supportive. But it’s hard to separate the person that loves you from the critic, so I don’t think he’s a fair judge.”

In the Land of Blood and Honey is set to hit theaters this December.

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Photo credit: Vanity Fair, October 2011

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous picture of her and the girls! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    she is gorgeous,love the pics with the girls will get my copy next week

  • Anonymous

    she is scary beautiful,her beauty is out of this world,the girls are cute

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful Angie

  • Nina D.

    That photo of Angelina with Zahara and Vivienne is absolutely breathtaking! <3

    • Sophie James

      I actually find the one on the right incredibly sad :(…

  • Anonymous

    “i don’t watch tv”

    god why does she have to be SO pretentious ALL THE TIME? it’s stuff like this that really bugs me about her. she really thinks she’s god’s gift to earth, above anything and everything.

    • SiervaMaria

      Whats pretentious about saying what one doesn’t do?! You’re seriously over the top with your jealousy of her and that is exactly what it is, jealousy. Nobody makes statements like “she really thinks she’s god’s gift to earth, above anything and everything” without it being based in envy. It’s you who needs to get over oneself not Angie.

    • anon

      One interview makes her “pretentious” all the time? I know people who don’t watch tv, I know a few who don’t even own a tv, and I’m only home to be able to watch about 2 days a week. That said, she is gorgeous.

    • Anonymous

      What is so pretentious about that? It actually would surprise me more if this family DID watch a lot of TV because they’re traveling to multiple different countries every single year. How are they going to catch up on the latest must-see episode of The Bachelorette from Vietnam or Ethiopia?

      Besides that, I don’t think any working mother of six young children has much time to watch TV anyway.

    • Anonymous

      But what if she *IS* god’s gift to earth, above anything and everything? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      When I was in Italy I didn’t watch TV couldn’t understand the shows . I read books

  • Anonymous 2

    Gorgeous photo!!

  • hopeso

    Angie, beautiful as always… That’s a cute picture of her and the little girl, cant wait to get the mag..

  • Anonymous

    Hell I don’t even care for her but how does she think she god gift to earth by saying “i don’t watch tv” I know a couple of people who don’t watch TV; one lady loves to read books and leson to music. If she felt she was above everything she wouldn’t help poor people or go to 3rd world countries and sit and talk to the sick and wounded people, nor would she let her kids wear hand me downs because she would think she above all that.

    Do you think Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton would who are known for thinking their above people that are not as rich as them, would go to these places and visit the sick/poor?

  • Anonymous

    And I love how she put the rumors to rest. Magazines make so much money off false rumors.

    A lot of people don’t watch television. There’s nothing worth watching. Talk about pretentious.. how about all the famewhore celebrities and their stupid reality shows.

  • Trina

    Wow I can’t believe how beautiful Angelina is. WOW!! I love Zahara’s hair like that and the little girl looks so much like Brad. Amazing photos!!

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