Anthony Kiedis & Flea: I Love Being A Father

Almost all members of the rock band the Red Hot Chili Peppers have become exclusive members of one of the most awesome alliances in America – the daddy club – and claim that membership boasts some crazy times that rival their on-road adventures.

“I love the club,” singer and founding member, Anthony Kiedis, 48, tells Fuse TV. “Good God, it’s a beautiful club. Who knew? You can’t know until you go. It’s wild.”

Kiedis continues to describe his 3-year-old son, Everly Bear – who is following in his daddy’s footsteps and sporting the lengthy locks – as “a little boy who’s often mistaken for a girl because his hair is real long.”

Bassist and band co-founder, Michael “Flea” Balzary, is also loving his membership in the daddy’s club. The father of 5-year-old old daughter, Sunny Bebop, and 22-year-old daughter, Clara, reveals that:

I love being a father and wanted to be a father long before I had any business being a father. One could argue easily that I had no business being a father when I became a father at 25… but I just love it. That kind of love – I have never experienced it before. That kind of unconditional, doing anything for a person kind of love.”

Longtime drummer, Chad Smith, is leading the way with his brood of five, all under the age of 14 – Manon, Justin, Ava, Cole and Beckett.

Guitarist and newest band member, Josh Klinghoffer, who performs on the album, I’m With You, is childless as of current but rest assured, it most likely getting some encouragement from his bandmates to join the club.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers release their new album entitled I’m With You today (August 30)!

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Every time I see this cute little boy I can’t help but think; Male Suri Cruise!


My god his daddy is F I N E! what a beautiful son he has!


Everly’s such a cutie!


Anthony is one hot daddy. It’s so weird but his kid looks nothing like him or his mother. Just saying….


I actually think that Everly Bear look just like his dad, Anthony Kiedis. And he got some very beautiful eyes!