Cash Warren Tweets Pic Of His Growing Girl

What a cutie!

It seems dad Cash Warren agrees – he Tweeted this sweet shot of his 3-year-old daughter Honor Marie today along with the caption, “They grow up so damn fast.”

Cash now has another gorgeous girl to dote over – he and his wife Jessica Alba welcomed daughter Haven Garner on August 13.

“I’m so madly in love with little Haven – I can’t stop kissing her & staring at her. #babybliss,” the Fantastic Four star Tweeted in the days after her second daughter’s birth.

Such a happy family!

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    “I’m so madly in love with little Haven – I can’t stop kissing her & staring at her”… and changing her diapers, and feeding her every hour or two, day and night, and be sleep deprived, and not eating right because no time to cook properly, and trying to clean and do laundry and iron while baby sleeps, and no time to exercise… this is such a wonderful time for you Jessica, considering that “too many people and animals living in three bedrooms”.

  • Dubrockna

    I like the way she shares with us, irregardless. I know she’s in a different realm with many more resources than we could ever have, but she still seems like an open and nice person. You may as well get over the resentment and jealousy and accept that these people are who they are and we are who we are.

  • Anonymous

    Honor is so adorable!

  • Olivia

    Honor is adorable!

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