David Arquette Got The OK From Coco To Be On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

When David Arquette asked his daughter Coco if he should compete on Dancing With The Stars, her reaction wasn’t an immediate “yes”.

The actor explained to Ryan Seacrest, “I said, ‘Coco, what do you think..?’ and she said, ‘Well, initially my feeling’s no, but let me go to school and talk it over with my best friend Ashley.'”

“She may be a little nervous that I’m going to embarrass her,” he told Access Hollywood. “I’m sure I will with some of the – I’ve already put outfits on for rehearsal.”

As for his ex, Courteney Cox, he knows he has her full support.

He added, “She’ll be there, I’m sure. She’s been very kind about it and very supportive.”

Overall, David is just excited to be on the show.

I just heard it was Season 13, and my daughter was born on the 13th. A little cosmic beautifulness. I’m really excited to be a part of this cast, and to having a partner whose gonna teach me all these amazing moves.”

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  • Anonymous

    I could never ever figure out what Courteney saw in him.

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