Matt Damon Is Hoping For A Boy For Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Though Matt Damon has made it clear that he’s not planning on having any more kids, it seems he’s still holding out hope that his buddy good Ben Affleck will add a boy to their big bunch of girls.

“I really hope it’s a boy,” laughed the Bourne Identity star, who is dad to 4 daughters, when asked about Ben and his wife Jennifer Garner, parents of 2 girls themselves, and their recent pregnancy announcement.

“No, I think that you always cross your fingers for a healthy kid,” Matt continued. “Everybody would settle for a very healthy, beautiful baby.”

Matt went on to chat about working once again with Gwyneth Paltrow, his co-star in the upcoming thriller Contagion.

“We talked about kids a lot, it was nice to reconnect,” he said. “We were very young when we made [The Talented Mr. Ripley together]. It feels like a lifetime ago.”

Matt had heaps of praise for Gwyneth, who has kids Apple and Moses with her husband Chris Martin: “I was reminded of just how amazing she is, she’s a really special actress…. More so than anybody I’ve ever worked with, she’s got an ability to turn it on and off. Like she can just be talking about anything and then when they say, ‘Rolling,’ it’s like she snaps, she just locks in, in a way I don’t understand, ’cause I can’t do it.”

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  1. Mattie 5 movies

    Btw Ben Affleck was Gwyneth Paltrow’s boyfriend ! While they’ll, were filming
    This movie! It is nice that Gwyneth and Matt got together. To make this movie.
    and they both have great kids! Gwyneth is a great actress and mom!

  2. Anonymous

    What does he care what he has? To hope for 1 sex over the other is ridiculous. Mutt Damon should just hope they have a healthy baby.

  3. Anonymous

    aka, “I know they got gender selection retrieval and implantation so I can confidently make the statement that I hope it’s a boy because I know I won’t be embarassed with the wrong outcome happening.”

    • musiclover

      First, he said “I really hope it’s a boy”….not that he thinks it’s going to be a boy, so why would be be embarrased if it’s a girl? Second, you have absolutely no idea whether or not they did gender selection, lol.

  4. Rebecca

    He was just joking — it’s all good. 🙂

    He’s stated numerous times in interviews that he loves having a house filled with daughters, and he appears to be a great hands-on dad. I think it’s more of a running joke between two good friends (Ben and Matt) that together they have so many beautiful girls, but no sons.

    I didn’t take his comments as anything more than just a lighthearted congratulations and a joke.

  5. anonymous

    Matt’s comment is taken out of context and he was clearly joking when he made the comment about Ben wanting a boy (look at the original interview). Your site has made out of nothing and it has re-interpreted Matt’s comment unfairly.

    Matt was asked this stupid question in every interview and said every time that a parent only wants a healthy baby.

  6. Anonymous

    Did you all read the article?
    “I really hope it’s a boy,” laughed the Bourne Identity star. <-- He laughed. "No, I think that you always cross your fingers for a healthy kid," Matt continued. "Everybody would settle for a very healthy, beautiful baby." <-- He just hopes they have a healthy baby. He wasn't quoted out of context. He isn't seriously hoping for a boy. Like a good friend, he's just hoping they have a healthy child. People should read the article, not just the headline before they comment.

  7. Courtney

    yeah he may have ben joking but it’s tasteless to say that in print Ben & Jen wouldn’t love the baby any less if it were another girl same as Newman & Woodward didn’t love their youngest daughter Claire any less because she wasn’t the boy they’d thought she was Joanne’s entire pregnancy even so far as not discussing girls names

  8. May

    Yeah, sure. All that we want is a healthy baby, but I think many women (and men) want one sex over another. Wanting to have a girl or a boy doesn’t mean you’re going to love that gender better. You’ll love your kid anyway, regardless. And wanting a boy or a girl doesn’t change that.

  9. Anonymous

    please…they have the means to do gender selection…and they always had divorce rumors looming over their head for the past few years. You KNOW Jennifer made damn sure this is a boy so he doesn’t leave her.

  10. Anonymous

    musiclover….funnily enough research shows that men ARE less likely to divorce their partner if tehy have a son rtaher than daughter/s. Not sure why. Maybe they identify more strongly with teh child or feel like they have a more important role to play so are less likely to walk…not that I know anything about the Garner?Affleck marriage in any way. Its just as interesting stat I picked up…

  11. Mr Damon

    How do you know their marriage is in trouble? When did you see Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband unlessmit epwas planned ahead? Matt said that where? Ben is working with Matt’s friend George Clooney with them Argo
    Movie that is y they are not together right now! It is nice that Matt said that.

  12. Anonymous

    Oh my I thought this was a board for adults didn’t realize I stepped into romper room. Lighten up people.

  13. Anonymous

    Obviously their marriage is not in trouble LOL! Stupid rumors are just that – there is no evidence whatsoever about them not having a happy marriage and I beleve they do. Interesting gossip columns NEVER get it right. The couples they say are “happy” are always the ones to split up. Then the ones that they are always gossiping about (Ben and Jen, Brad and Angie) are actually the stable ones!

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