Mel B’s Baby is “Coming Out This Week”

Melanie Brown is going to have her baby this week. She revealed on Australia’s 2Day FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show that doctors are planning to induce labor.

She said, “I just had my doctor on the phone and he’s given me some ultimatums which are good. It’s coming out this week, one way or another it’s coming out this week. It’s called epidural and pain relievers! I have a very small and neat thing going on down there. My doctor does the designer thing afterwards so I’ve got no problems.”

The Australia X Factor judge, who is expecting her first child with Stephen Belafonte added, “Ideally I want it to come naturally, but I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried the hot food, the running, the sex and violence. I’ve tried it all. And it just seems to be stuck and hibernating in there getting bigger and bigger, so it’s coming out this week for sure.”

She recently joked on her Twitter page that sex will help get the baby out.

Stephen just cooked me the best steak,i owe you one honey wink wink nudge nudge,lets get this baby out,hahaha.(sic)”

The former Spice Girl also has daughters Phoenix, 12 and Angel, four, from previous relationships.

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  1. Anonymous 2

    This is a bit upsetting. No one’s ob should be giving them “ultimatums.” Due dates are not written in stone. Babies come when they are ready. As she doesn’t seem to be in distress it seems this induction is likely unnecessary. I still wish her a safe delivery.

  2. Anonymous

    If she has the baby on Thursday, that would be the birthday of fellow former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham’s son Romeo (Sept. 1).

  3. Janna

    She previously said her due date was “around July, August” so she could really be overdue!

    But can someone tell me what this means: “I have a very small and neat thing going on down there. My doctor does the designer thing afterwards so I’ve got no problems.”

  4. Amy

    I think she means she’s going to have everything nipped and tucked down there after giving birth, to keep things as neat as it already is! I love Mel B though, so I can’t wait for her to finally have the little one!

  5. Anna

    She sounds so tacky and low class.

  6. Anonymous

    I meant that having labor induced unnecessarily is not what’s best for the baby.

  7. Anonymous

    As stated above, I was referring to an induction not being best for the baby, if there is no medical reason for it. The one comment wasn’t meant to be related to the other.

  8. Pencils

    Due dates aren’t written in stone, that’s true, but it can get dangerous when a baby is extremely overdue. Amniotic fluid starts to decrease. Infections can happen. Babies get big and that can constrict the umbilical cord. Meconium can become an issue. And the placenta just gets old, they’re not designed to work much past the 41st or so week. The mother also can develop problems the later it gets. An OB might decide to give a patient an ultimatum because he or she doesn’t want to be responsible for what could happen if the patient goes against medical advice and waits too long. Because if anything does go wrong, the doctor is going to get sued.

  9. BabyMama

    Why is everyone getting antsy about the ‘ultimatum’ word? It just means that the Dr has probably said ‘if it doesn’t come naturally by Thursday, we’ll induce’. It’s normal and healthy for the Mum and baby – being overdue isn’t good for either.

  10. Anonymous

    It’s not that it is an ultimatum. No doctor is going to let you go to far past your due date because it is dangerous for the mom and the baby but for Mel she has naturally gone into labor so good for her and my prayers and thoughts are with her for a safe and quick delivery.Since she left to go to the hospital 3 hours ago that baby should be here real soon if not already since it is her 3rd birth.And who ever said you can’t tell the due date yes you can by the ultrasound and it is pretty accurate and it will also tell you how much that baby weighs lets just pray Mel can push that baby out quickly and safe and an epidural is used in many circumstances including surgery it paralysis you from the site of insertion so you don’t have feeling there although it can slow down the rate of dilation it is very safe and as a nurse would recommend that to anyone in the 21 century you should not have to suffer to give birth.

  11. Anonymous

    You people sure don’t know much about childbirth do some research before you make negative comments. Mel has already done this 2 times I think she knows what she is doing.What I suggest is you say a prayer for her to have a safe and healthy delivery.You sound like hatters

  12. Anonymous

    She is putting vanity before her baby by inducing, getting an epidural and focusing more on her child’s weight than the child coming naturally. Also, tearing during labor is not necessarily bad, and stitching can often times be detrimental to the pelvic floor. episiotomies are also terrible for you… but they dont tell pregnant women this because they like to control everything. She is just another victim of an ob. Due dates are never exact, you can go to 46 weeks even provided the placenta is ok…

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