Angelina Jolie’s Girls’ Day Out

Mom-of-six Angelina Jolie was spotted with her eldest daughters – Zahara, 6½, and Shiloh, 5 – shopping for clothes at La Stupenderia Milano in London, England on Thursday (September 1). The happy trio were seen walking hand in hand back to their awaiting car.

Earlier this morning, the Jolie-Pitt sisters – accompanied by their nanny and security guards – were spotted enjoying some of the sights and scenes of the big city.

The day before, Angie and Zahara – along with little brother Knox, 3 – were photographed at The Pottery Cafe in their Richmond neighborhood.

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Photo credit: Flynet / Fame


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  1. Trina

    Awww how nice, the girls look so cute! I must admit that Shiloh style fits her so perfect, I didn’t like it at first but wow she’s beautiful and Z too. Love them!

  2. Anonymous@RichmondVA

    Oh god was expecting to click on this to find hateful comments about Shiloh. Thank goodness I was mistaken….so far.

    BTW…Tara, where are you? Miss your posts.

  3. hopeso

    My favorite of all time. love the Jolie-Pitt

  4. Anonymous

    Oh not this family again. Seriously this is getting bored. I never post on this stupid family again.

  5. Anonymous

    Why would anyone say hateful comments about Shiloh? She’s adorable.

  6. Anonymous

    Shiloh is going to grow up to be a stunning beauty. Love her style. Love seeing the pictures of this family.

  7. Kaylee

    The people with Z and Shi are not the nanny and security guards have been identified as Serbian actor Nikola Djuricko and his family at The London Eye.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m not going to hate on the Shiloh style thing but I will say that Angelina seems like the type to encourage her children being “weird”. I like her and I think Shiloh is cute but the whole thing seems a bit odd to me after I saw the pictures of Knox in a dress. I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with that and I like artistic creativity but I would not support someone encouraging their children to be “weird”. Different and individual, yes, but I do not feel children should be forced into their parents beliefs and should develop their own. I expect hate for this comment… but… guess what? Don’t care!

    • Anonymous

      If she was encouraging her kids to be weird, why wouldn’t they ALL be weird? Why do Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Vivienne all dress so gender typically if they’re facing such encouragement to dress weirdly?

      Personally I think Shiloh’s style is adorable and I wouldn’t even classify it as “weird”. It’s just classic tomboy and it really suits her.

    • Ellie

      Are you sure your not talking about the pictures of Tobey Maguires son wearing the Disney princess dress?

    • Anonymous

      What exactly do you mean by “weird”? It’s generally the case that someone who is being “different and individual” ends up being considered “weird” by some because people usually feel things are “weird” when they differ from the norm. I see nothing wrong with letting a boy wear a dress if he likes to. Most of the time it’s just normal dress-up, children trying out things that their parents wear. But even if a child wearing “the wrong gender’s clothes” is a sign of homo- or transsexuality, you won’t change that by not letting them wear these clothes and telling them they’d be “weird” if they did it. All you would achieve is making the child confused and ashamed of themselves.
      Having said all that, it does sometimes feel like Angelina encourages Shiloh to be “boyish”. Not quite sure where I get that impression from as all I have are paparazzi pictures, so it’s highly possible that I’m mistaken, but still – in a way I get what you mean. Let’s just hope that the children really are loved and respected for who they are and not forced into their parents’ beliefs, whatever they are (often easier said than done, I’m afraid 🙂 )

    • Iris

      What is weird and what is normal? Children should learn who they are, ‘weird’ or not. As long as they are happy I think it’s fine.

    • Anonymous

      What dress? The lady bug costume? GMAB my daughter wore a Superman custome I guess she is Weird too. What is your theory why Shiloh wore dresses until she was 3 1/2. Did they decide at 3 1/2 to force this “happy”child to wear ties and pants. She shares a room w/ her 6 yr old daughter but I guess they have forbade her to wear feminine clothes like her sis

    • Anonymous

      Yes totally agree with you and you really shouldn’t care what they have 2 say about. Btw I think you mean Otis Maguire but Shiloh is a little more odd. She should know that she isn’t a boy. The same thing with you I also think they hate this comment and I also don’t care what you have 2 say about it.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow I am LOVING Zahara’s hair here!! Love that style on her! It’s so beautiful! It’s great to see a different style on her instead of it always being ‘UP’.
    And Shiloh is such a character! So cute!

  10. carolyn Robertson

    Beautiful girls! Shiloh’s T is super cute.

  11. Anonymous

    Shiloh looks older then 5 years old?

  12. Anonymous

    Love these pics of Angie, Zee and Shi. Shi really cracks me up. She has developed this unique style of hers and I really love it. Zee is really beautiful young lady already and I love her combination of jeans and dress. I also love her hair. She has this naturally curly hair. She and Shi seem to be very close to one another and that is so great that these sisters are always seen together. I just can´t wait little Viv to join her mum and big sisters on these shopping sprees. Those pics will be adorable.

  13. Anonymous

    When she’s going to tell her daughter that she’s a GIRL??? Seriously… I dont care about what you all are going to say, this is just wrong imo. I thought it was just a matter of time but hard to go away when the parents are telling her its alright to be a little boy. Ugh. And NO, I’m not talking about sexuality because I’m a lesb myself, but I dont need to be any less girly.

    • Janna

      I’m pretty sure that her daughter knows she’s a girl, so I assume you mean when is she going to start dressing like a girl.

      Should she only wear pink? Should she put ribbons in her hair? Start wearing dresses? Polish her nails? Pierce her ears? Carry dolls? Wear heels? Flit around in a tutu singing about daisies and Prince Charming?

      That might be YOUR definition of being a girl, but I’m pretty sure that every woman alive has their own definition. Obviously, wearing a shirt with a tie printed on it is *her* definition.

    • Anonymous

      Hate to break it to you, but wearing boys clothes doesn’t actually turn you into a boy.

    • Anonymous

      Yes you’re totally right. Shiloh really thinks she’s a boy. Angelina said that she thinks she’s one of the brothers and you have 2 call her John. Seriously they should say that she’s a girl instead of a boy.

  14. Anonymous

    it´s fine that she let´s her dress the way she wants but it´s kinda funny that a lot of people freaked out over Tobey Macguier´s son wearing a dress but this is ok. I´m from Iceland and everyove here is way more relaxed about these things.

  15. Anonymous

    Its so funny how people on here can’t take any opinion different of their own lol I could stay here and argue with you all forever and I would still think the same way 🙂
    And I’m not interested in chanching your minds either but I have the same right as you all have to comment and make my point as I did above.
    So please respect.

    • Tariqa

      @Anonymous if you want your opinion respected thats fine, but you should prob post under a name under than Anonymous cause noone knows which opinion is yours!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t even know which comment is yours since you posted anonymously, but as always, just because something is your opinion doesn’t mean it can’t be criticized. Many opinions are stupid or wrong or based on faulty assumptions and deserved to be called out for what they are. No, I don’t have any respect for such opinions and will always say so. If you don’t like that, it’s not my problem.

      • Anonymous

        You’re such a moron! I’m just comment in a post the website made, I’m not asking for you to like or deslike it 🙂
        Like I said, we could stay here and argue forever and I wont change my mind that is wrong for a child to act that way and I dont give a damn if you or anybody else think thats a wrong opinion, first you have to learn that may not be right or wrong, thats why its called OPINION. And you are the wrong one for me so 🙂
        You should use some growing up and some respect cause you dont own the truth! I feel sorry for people like you.

  16. Kaylee

    Anonymous 10:45pm@ FYI Knox was not in a dress but a ladybug skirt and headband costume that was over his pants and Viv was in a princess costume as they came out of a play center that sold costumes among other things, now of Tobey Maguires son wearing the Disney princess dress.

    Anonymous 12:29pm@ you must have not read all of the comment on the Tobey Macguier´s son Disney princess dress post because 90% of the comments there were saying that they didn’t see anything wrong with it and that he’s 2 and kids love dressing in costumes.

  17. Anonymous

    If anybody here thinks thats ok for Shiloh to be the way she is, fine thats your opinion, but learn to respect who doesnt think so! Cause I’m sure yall are not a bunch of teenage brats who think they’re always right… or maybe some of you are after all, not wasting my time 😉

  18. gbaby

    i didnt know this family had so many lawyers…damn

  19. Anonymous

    That’s because it’s miss perfect Angelina Jolie’s daughter!!! If it was Britney Spears letting her boys dress up like girls people would nearly go on the streets trying to beat her up or even call child survices! Lame people, these celeb wont even know yall exist so mind your own life and bussines. Now people cant even spress their right to have an opinion and to say they think it’s wrong for Shiloh to be that way… get out of the internet and get a life, better, go take care of your own children!

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