Nicole Richie & Harlow Head To The Malibu Fair

A very fashionable Nicole Richie and her adorable daughter Harlow, 3, were spotted as they made their way to the Malibu Fair in Malibu, Calif. on Saturday (September 3). Harlow is growing up fast!

Nicole’s hubby Joel Madden and younger son Sparrow, 1 1/2, weren’t with them on this outing – maybe they decided to sleep in?

The former Simple Life star has a busy week ahead of her – she’s preparing for Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th when she’ll be co-hosting an event in Los Angeles with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Anonymous

    younger SON…….Sparrow is a boy!

  • Gina O’Mara

    “younger daughter sparrow wasnt with them”… Sparrow is actually her son. 🙂

  • E R

    OPPS! F.Y.I. Sparrow’s a boy 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oopsie, her son, Sparrow!

    Cute kid though!! So pleased Nicole did well, well done her!!

  • Shirelle

    Harlow is so cute and I love her name. I thought before that she looked like Joel but now I see Nicole in her. And sparrow is a boy

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you mean, their younger son, Sparrow, not daughter. 😉

  • Trina

    Harlow is sooo cute!! She looks just like her Daddy w Nicole’s hair and skin tone.. the perfect mixture

  • hopeso


  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure that Sparrow is a boy.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, Sparrow is their son, not daughter…

  • SMcComb

    Sparrow is a boy.

  • Anonymous

    sparrow is a boy!

  • Anonymous

    sparrow is a boy!

  • Anonymous

    I love this family and Harlow just gets cuter byt the days!! Although I think she’s a little small for a 3 year old

    • Anonymous

      She looks like a perfectly normal size, to me.

    • Trina

      She does look small but her mom is small or it might just be her babyface.

  • Anonymous

    son!!! their younger son … who writing up these articles?

  • Anonymous

    nicole’s son sparrow is a boy above it says daughter sparrow

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you mean younger “son” not daughter. LOL

  • Anonymous

    It should be young son Sparrow, not young daughter. (:

  • Anonymous

    sparrow is a boy!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sparrow is a son, not a daughter.

    • Lisa Weber


  • Anonymous

    Nicole looks healthy, like she’s put on some weight.

  • Anna

    my favourite family!

  • VeronicaRamos

    Sparrow is her younger SON. Btw, I love this pair. They’re just too cute! And look at those curls, aw.

  • Anonymous

    I love her style.

  • Anonymous

    Sparrow is a boy!

  • Pencils

    Her younger child Sparrow is a boy, not a girl. Hard to tell with the name, I grant you.

  • Anonymous

    sparrow is a boy

  • Tay

    haha Sparrow is their son…not daughter

  • Elena

    Harlow is so beautiful!

  • Lioness

    Harlow has such gorgeous hair, my gosh! Such a cutie!!

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