Tobey Maguire & Family: Fun In The Sun

Spider-Man star Tobey Magurie enjoyed some quality time with wife Jennifer Meyer and their two kids – Ruby, 4 1/2, and Otis, 2 – at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia today (September 3). Ruby looked lovely in a sweet sundress and matching sunhat, while Otis kept it funky in a ‘Run DMC’ tee and camo shorts.

Over the last few weeks, the Meyer-Maguires have been spotted Down Under where Tobey is filming his latest movie, The Great Gatsby. The new flick – which co-stars his close friend Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow celeb parent Isla Fisher – is due to hit theaters in Fall 2012.

We spotted Jen and the kids out running a few errands in Sydney just last month. These pics caused quite a stir on our site as Otis was sporting a blue princess dress on the outing.

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  1. Anonymous

    Did these people ever hear of scissors? They put their SON’S hair in a bun or ponytail or whatever you call it, why not just cut it?

  2. Rebecca

    @Anonymous @ 1:23 pm
    Jennifer and the kids are Jewish, and it is traditional to not cut children’s hair until they reach age 3. Maybe even longer if Otis wants to keep his hair long. It’s really up to them to decide, obviously they’ve heard of scissors, and would use them if they WANTED to.

  3. Anonymous

    Isn’t Otis 2 1/2 years old, not 1 1/2?

  4. SMH

    I don’t get the craze with people having their boys look like girls. When the hair has to go in a pony tail it’s time for a haircut. Ottis and Ruby are beautiful children nonetheless. Ottis has very feminine looking features and the long hair doesn’t help. Sure we’ve seen hin in skirts so perhaps he likes the “girl” look of pony tails too. Whatever it may be I personally wouldn’t let my son go with hair like that. I like for boys to look like little boys and for people esp. to know they’re boys!

  5. SMH

    Also let me add that I do understand people have a hard time letting go of their kid curls! Many times boys tend to have better features on them that would be much better suited on a girl 🙂

    • Anonymous

      They’re not Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head dolls. It’s silly to imagine that someone’s features would be “better suited” on someone else. People look the way they look, the way nature intended. Not the way YOU think a boy or girl SHOULD look.

  6. Trina

    WOW Otis is really cute especially since he isn’t wearing a girls dress.. Ruby is her mothers twin!

  7. Anonymous

    I rather wonder whether you ever heard of the jewish tradition (which you can also find in many other cultures; for example in mongolia, among muslims and many many others, including europe) of not cutting the boy´s hair until his 3rd birthday. Though its an orthodox tradition, there are many non-religious who adhere to this costum.
    For many ppl there is still some deeper meaning behind everything, you know.

  8. Sophia

    You guys! You keep saying Otis is only 1, but he’s 2. Get on it! 🙂
    Such cute kids, those Maguire munchkins! I love Otis’ long locks. And Anonymous 1:23, I’m pretty sure the reason for keeping his hair long is because Jennifer is Jewish and often Jews don’t cute their children’s hair ’til after they turn 3. So there you go. That’s why.

  9. Anonymous

    These kids are gorgeous! Anon 1:23, Why can’t their son be put up in a bun just like his sister????? Sounds like someone is sexiest?!

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