Jada Pinkett Smith Is Thankful Not To Be A Single Mom

Having put to rest those rumors of a split, Jada Pinkett Smith says in an interview with OK! magazine that she is very thankful to have her husband Will Smith as her partner in parenting.

“Thank goodness they have a father and I don’t have to raise them alone,” says the actress, who has kids Jayden, 13, and Willow, 10, and stepson Trey, 18. “Having been raised by a single mother I’m very clear on what the difficulties of being raised by a single mother are.”

“It’s very hard when you don’t have a male component in the home to create balance and help in the decision making,” Jada adds. “Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just pass the ball, like, ‘tag, you’re it, you got this one.'”

That being said, the HawthoRNe star says that she has happy memories of her own childhood: “Growing up, though, being in a one parent family was all I knew. It was just me and my mom and we had fun.”

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  • Louise

    Well, I’m a single mother and I am thankful that I’m not Jada Pinkett Smith! Not all single mothers are pitiful. They’re not always poor, miserable or lonely.

  • Tiffany

    @ Louise…Where did she say anything about being pitfall, poor, miserable or lonely? Maybe, there’s more behind your comment…..like some things you need to sort out yourself. I was raise by a single mother, and I’m married with four children. I can definitely relate to what she’s saying:)

    • Louise

      There is nothing behind my comment, I’m a happy single mother. I just don’t like the fact that single motherhood is always considered under a ‘problematic’ angle. I understand her feelings are sincere, but not all children of single parents have difficulties. (My fathers son and me still spend a lot of time together, nothing mucht has changed for him.) There are many forms in single parenthood, that’s all I want people to know. This woman speaks in stereotypes.

      • Louise

        uh… my son’s father, I mean… 🙂

  • gbaby

    I completely agree with louise…people are so stereotypical when they talk about single mother thinking that they are miserable or have a much more hard knock life…Im a single mother too and whatever a perfect married couple can provide to a child so can a single mother.

  • Tazina

    Not all single mothers though have it easy. Obviously, Jada wasn’t referring to those that do as that didn’t apply to her. It’s easy to find something negative about it, but she was just stating that in her case she is glad to have a two parent home after what she grew up in, nothing to do with stereotyping anyone.

  • Daniella

    I agree with Tazina, the vast majority of single mothers don’t have it easy, especially if the father is not involved in the children’s lives at all or refuses to help and provide financial support for them. I come from a single-mother household and we did not have it easy in any way after the divorce, which does tend to be the norm. Jada’s not speaking about a stereotype, but from her personal experience as a child of a single mother. Yes, it’s great hear that there are single mothers out there who are not struggling, but the majority do not have it easy by any means.

  • Anonymous

    All good and well but by is she giving this interview to prove that she and Will have not split, to me it seems she trying too hard to prove something to the public that doesn’t matter about how great her marriage to Will is. If your marriage is sold then you have nothing to prove to anybody and let the media and people talk.

  • Anonymous

    I will say as a former single mom and a mom who now has a companion by my side to help me raise both of my and our girls, it is a lot easier with someone around, point blank. I was never a “stereotypical” single mom but is it easier with a dedicated and involved spouse? Oh hell yeah! People really need to stop taking what Celebs say to heart. They live WAY different then us. The media will miss misconstrue any and everything they say to work the angle THEY (the Media) want. Don’t take it to heart and don’t fault her for answering honestly. She lived it as a child (and every situation is different), no telling what your child might say one day.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad I’m not a single mother, but more so for myself than my child. Being a parent is the hardest job I’ll ever do. It’s nice having someone there to help out and carry some of the burden.

  • Anonymous 2

    Many of you are taking her statements too personally. She is obviously not attacking single mothers. Her mother was a single mother. She’s simply saying raising children on your own is difficult, which is true! Any single mother would tell you they’d rather do it with support. That doesn’t mean single mothers are condemned, miserable people. It just means they are human and can’t do everything on their own. This includes my own mother. And I agree with Jada. I intend to not be a single mother like my own as well. My mother did a fantastic job, but I’m sure she would’ve appreciated help as well.

  • Anonymous

    Being a mother is the most important thing, for a woman. I guess her P.R. team wants to stir the attention away from her marriage and on to her being a mother and sacrificing everything for her babies. Which won’t stop the rumormill, just ease the blow.

  • jacquie109

    I’m a single mom and I actually found it more difficult with a partner…. There are some aspects that are easier with another parent around but not always. While I don’t take her comment as a stab at single moms I think that maybe she could have worded it differently as to not offend people to take a comment to heart.

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