Carla Bruni: “I Will Never Show Photos Of This Child”

Her new baby has yet to arrive, but French First Lady Carla Bruni‘s protective instincts are already firmly in place.

“You don’t have a child for the [photo] gallery,” she says in a new interview, insisting that she and her husband Nicolas Sarkozy will be keeping her baby far away from the media spotlight. Carla adds that her “position as the wife of the head of state has made me even more defensive. I understand the media interest, and I don’t see any inconvenience in it for myself or my husband, but when it concerns the children, it’s not impossible.”

Admitting that she’s a “little mother hen,” the former model says, “I will do everything to protect this infant, and I’ll be absolutely rigorous. I will never show photos of this child. I will never expose this child.”

Carla, who has 11-year-old son Aurelian from a previous relationship, adds that despite the rumors she does not know the sex of the baby on the way.

“A boy? I don’t know myself, so the press knows better than I do.”

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  • Anonymous

    Good for her!

  • Audrey

    Good luck to her. Unless she totally avoids places the public can get to,has an secret escape route from home or leaves her child at home it is going to be tough. I certainly understand her desire though,.

  • Sonya

    I believe in France newspapers are not allowed to publish photos of minors without their parents’ consent, so this is certainly manageable. I think the only time we see her son or his sons is when they do an official family photograph at an event or something.

    • Louise

      It should be like that everywhere! Even though it’s rather contrary to my desire to visit websites like this one 😉

  • Anonymous

    I think she seems a little harsh about the whole thing. Her husband is an elected official, and it just seems weird to be so adamant about there not being any pictures of his child published whatsoever. I’m not saying they should pimp the baby out for money, but there is something to be said for going on living your lives despite the paparazzi’s potential presence.

    I guess I just keep thinking “wow, I don’t know how I’d feel about it if my elected President (Obama) refused to let his child be seen by the public whatsoever.”

  • JennG

    I say good for her!It maybe for secutity reasons also.Katie holmes could take a lesson from her.

    • Anonymous

      Why single Katie out? You could say that about many celebrities. There are other children photographed even more than Suri Cruise. In any case, we’re all contributing to it, since we come to this site.

      Goodluck to Carla. She’s lucky that she lives in a country strict privacy laws.

  • Trina

    Spare me! I doubt anyone in America (majority of celebs on this site are american) cares about this vain woman or her child. Moving on..

    • Anonymous

      She’s still the French presidents wife… I wonder what makes you give such negative statements for no reason?

  • Trina

    **Live in America

  • Anonymous

    who cares!!!

  • Anonymous

    No one will care when her husband is not the president of France (which is no doubt forthcoming.)

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