Jessica Alba Gets Back To Exercising

Jessica Alba is already working on her post-baby body! The Spy Kids 4 star, who gave birth to her second daughter Haven Garner over two weeks ago, has been updating fans on her Twitter page on how she’s getting back into pre-pregnancy shape.

On August 30 she Tweeted: “I did my first day of wrkout since I had the baby, just cardio for 40 min. – it’s a start. Anyone else starting a fitness regimen?”

Jessica also offered post-baby fitness tips to her Twitter replies.

Start with walking and throw in 3 sets of lunges 20 per leg. U could do it while strolling ur baby. commit to 10 min a day for a wk then add another 10 until u get up 2 40 min a day. It’s easier to ease into it.”

She also added that moderation is key writing, “I would keep your diet as healthy as possible 6 days a week and give yourself one day to indulge.”

Along with exercising, she’s also wearing a girdle.

In a recent interview with Lucky magazine she revealed, “I wear a girdle around my tummy from the moment I give birth until it doesn’t feel loosey goosey anymore. That takes a good two to three months. It’s spandex with Velcro.”

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  • Staceyann Dolenti

    Is this tweet from Alba or her trainer??

    Staceyann Dolenti

  • Courtney

    jessica is totally rushing the exercise your supposed to wait 4-6 weeks to start again depending on weather you had a vaginal delivery like she did or a c-section. who cares she’s not a huge star anyway so why should anybody in their right mind listen to her Jane Seymour didn’t say stupid crap like this after she had her twins 16 years ago at 44 nor did Natasha Richardson after she had either of her sons 16 and 15 years ago respectively

    • Anonymous

      GMAB, Courtney. I am no spring chicken (several years older than Jessica) and had a c-section and was doing moderate cardio in the gym after a couple of weeks. Before that, I did regular walking. If you are otherwise healthy, doctors like you to get moving ASAP.

      PS – did you forget to take your meds?

  • Trina

    She so self absorbed its ridiculous.. No sex for 6 weeks but she’s working out after 2 weeks..

    • Janna

      If you can’t see the difference between having sex and using a stairclimber after giving birth, well….. there’s a BIG diffrrence! 40 minutes of cardio a few weeks after giving birth won’t kill anyone.

  • ZaraB

    There’s nothing wrong with exercising a couple of weeks after giving birth if you’ve stayed active and fit and healthy during your pregnancy, and have had an uncomplicated, normal delivery. She’s only saying she did a 40 min workout, which isn’t such a big deal, and not so hard to fit into your schedule when you have a newborn who sleeps most of the day anyway. I think a lot of those people who criticise comments like this are just jealous and like celebs to hang onto their baby weight for as long as possible, so they feel better about their own weight issues…

  • Audrey

    Light cardio after two weeks and probably with doctor’s goahead shouldn’t be any problem. Certainly shouldn’t be any more strenuous that say vacuming and general home and child care. It was probably a nice step towards getting back to normal. Not everyone wants to be treated as an invalid post-partum.

    And lets face it. Actors careers depend a lot on their appearances which is an added incentive.

  • Anonymous

    2 weeks? I have a one month old and could barely sit comfortably at 2weeks post partum let alone work out! lol

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