Sarah Jessica Parker Wants A Family Adventure

Sarah Jessica Parker enjoys a lovely life in New York City with her husband Matthew Broderick and their son James and twin daughters Loretta and Tabitha, but the Sex and the City star says she’s sometimes tempted to pack up her brood and hit the road.

“I often have a fantasy about packing up the family and travelling,” she tells Stylist magazine. “If it was an adventure, sure, I’d leave all this behind. But I’d never do it without them.”

Though she finds beauty and meaning in motherhood, SJP admits that life isn’t as carefree as it once was.

“Having children makes it harder now. When you involve other people who are reliant on you, the stakes are monumentally higher. I don’t mean to be dramatic, it’s also beautiful and filled with meaning.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Marion and Tabitha. Get it right.

    • Anonymous

      The family calls her Loretta not Marion. I guess that’s why the author wrote it this way.

    • Rebecca

      Okay, someone posts this on almost EVERY single thread about them. For the last two years. They’ve explained it so many times, and it’s really not that hard to get.

      YES, her first name is Marion, but they don’t call her Marion, they call her LORETTA, which is her middle name. The only person that calls her Marion is James Wilkie, because he named her. So, to her parents, and the general public, she is Loretta.

      It’s like how Samuel Kai Schreiber is called Kai.

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