Guy Ritchie Welcomes Third Son

Congratulations are in order for British director Guy Ritchie, 42, and his girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley, 29.

The couple welcomed a baby boy in London on Monday morning (September 5) via emergency C-section, The Mirror reports. “The baby came a few days earlier than planned but the actual birth went well and both mum and tot are doing great,” a source said.

The baby boy joins brothers Rocco, 11, and David, 6, Ritchie’s sons with ex-wife Madonna. Although the couple split in 2008 after eight years of marriage, The Mirror reports that the Sherlock Holmes director called his famous ex-wife Monday to deliver the news. Reportedly, the Material Girl sent a lovely bouquet of flowers to the parents.

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  • Victoria

    Awww congratulations to them, Rocco’s going to be a big brother again, and David’s going to be a big brother, too cute 🙂

  • Leesiee

    Why did she do that ? Really send flowers and call his ex wife? Why her?
    He wouldn’t do that! And don’t forget David is not his son adopted son. Why
    Do people think that the ex will call his ex wife first! After their nasty divorce.NO
    WAY . Why put Madonna in this when he was the hated man that got less than
    He deserved in the divorce.

    • Anonymous

      What kind of nonsensical rambling comment is that?

      He called her, she’s his ex and also the mother of his TWO sons. He adopted David along with Madonna. The boys wanted to know about their brother. Like it or not, Madonna’s name will forever be connected to Guy’s. Deal with it. Some people are civil even after they get a divorce, you probably have no idea about that.

      He was the hated man? Please. He (and his family) trash talked her in the press repeatedly and took nearly $100m of HER money and never spent a cent during their marriage, when he had his own money and she did not take any of his. That is more money than he has ever earned, about twice as much as his own fortune.

      She got the best thing of all though, full custody of her two sons.

    • Darolo

      Your comment is so inaccurate it’s just plain laughable. Guy did adopt David with Madonna. They are both his registered parents that’s why David spends holidays with Guy and his adoptive brother Rocco! I agree wholeheartedly with anonymous’ response to your comments. I wish people would do some research before making sweeping, or in your case, incoherent statements!! Guy Rigchie is not the victim many think he is. For someone who stated at the start of the marriage, and when the divorce was announced, that he did not want any of Madonna’s money, approx. £50 million wasn’t bad. What did he ever contribute to Madonna’s earning. He spent most of their marriage trying to get her to give up performing. Madonna was right when she said he is emotionally retarded! He just couldn’t live with her success & instead of looking to himself fir his own failings, he blamed her. Madonna is far better off with Brahim. She is happier than she has been for years. You go girl! Express yourself!!!

  • Sonya

    I’m sure if he called Madonna it was to let his other children know about the baby. People who find this strange obviously have no experience with blended families.

  • do-be-fooled

    Sorry Leesiee, you are wrong. David is his son..yes, David is adopted, so WHAT!… people like you don’t know one-thing about family…adopted, blended or other wish. Congratulatons to the whole family.

  • Leesiee

    There have been no photos of Madonna and Guy since the divorce, o.k don’t be fooled! I know what a blended family is! When the family is together. Sure
    And Sunday Rose and And her Conner and their sister. Yes Rocco is their half
    Brother and Guy’s girlfriend son are a family! Wish people would get it that they
    are a family and what about Lourdes didn’t he adopt her too. Divorce will split
    A family. Ok!

  • Anonymous

    Guy did not adopt Lourdes, she has a father named Carlos who is a wonderful man who treats all of Madonna’s children and her with respect and care. Now that’s a gentleman.

    Rocco and David are both Guy and Madonna’s sons and they both live with Madonna FULL TIME and visit Guy sometimes. You can talk all you want but you can’t change that.

  • Leesiee

    The poor man can not get his own publicity with out Madonna in it! It is his
    Child not hers . So why don’t people say that about how excited Reeses kids
    Are about their half sibling? Same thing both are dads. We do not need to add
    That Madonna’s CD is coming out this year. Why not add in Madonna’s press
    Thsther ex had a baby and since she was in Venice she must of sent quite a
    Selection of flowers! So media greet to work and put it in Madonna’s press

    • Darolo

      You’re missing the point. Guy Ritchie is B list now he’s not with Madonna. Before ge married her he was a one-hit wonder Director known mainly by film buffs. The Madonna connection made him an A lister! There’s little of interest to write about him so writers bring in Madonna for a bit of interest! Fact!
      Anyway he’s got what he wanted now – a bit if ATM candy who’ll stay at home, have his babies and warm his slippers! Wait til they get to the part where he’s down his pub on a lock-in, night after night til 3 or 4 am!! I actually feel a but sorry for Jacqui Ainsley but then Im sure she’s loving being the mother if Rocco & David’s half brother!!!

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