Happy 5th Birthday Dannielynn Birkhead!

Name: Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

Date of Birth: September 7, 2006

Parents: Anna Nicole Smith & Larry Birkhead

Siblings: Daniel Wayne (01/22/86 – 09/10/06)


  • Dannielynn was born at Doctors Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Her mother passed away on February 8, 2007
  • She was involved in a tumultuous paternity case which was settled on April 10, 2007 when the results of a DNA test proved Larry Birkhead to be her father
  • She has had two surgeries to correct a hereditary eye condition called strabismus which causes one to be cross-eyed
  • Dannielynn seems to be thriving living with her father, who, after gaining custody, moved the little girl to Kentucky

“Dannielynn is probably the funniest, craziest kid that I’ve met with the craziest sense of humor, just like her mom. She’s fearless and fun…. She has Anna’s smile, Anna’s mouth, and a lot of attributes that Anna has that she continues and carries on.” – Larry, on his beautiful daughter.

“Dannielynn knows that her mom passed away. She obviously doesn’t know the details. At first I said, ‘Your mommy’s up in the clouds.’ Then we were on a plane from Kentucky and she asked, ‘Which cloud is my mom on? Maybe she can come play.’ You have to be forthright but keep it on a kid-friendly level.” – Larry, on explaining the loss of Dannielynn’s mother.

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  • andreea

    she is really pretty, adorable child.

  • Anonymous

    Someday Dannielynn will learn about mom’s and half brother’s tragic story, paternity case (four potentional dads)… I hope she will have enough strength to understand and accept that tragedy.

  • Leesiee

    Someday she will understand that her mother was a gold digger who did not
    Stop until she died . Or right of a major drug overdose. She also lied about
    The paternity saying that her daddy is not Larry Birkhead until after death!
    So tell me again why she is famous? Dannielyn losing custody is her daddy
    Famous for going after custody?

    • Anonymous

      How could you say such a thing about a woman who is not only dead, but one that you truly know nothing about? Just because the media gave only one view on anna’s personal life doesnt mean it was correct. She lost her son just days after giving birth. Being in the public eye is brutal, so before you claim she was a gold digget & a druggie, try and think a little. Im sorry for feeling the need to comment, but i am bothered when assumptions are made based on very little knowledge.

  • Emily

    she is too cute! can’t believe she is 5 already! happy birthday dannielynn! 🙂

  • Tazina

    Lovely child. I hope she follows a better path than her mother did. Ultimately, she will have to make those life choices herself.

  • Heart

    Happy b-day to dannielynn i love u so much she so pretty child in hollywood 🙂

  • Anonymous

    That is an absolutely gorgeous photo. The love they feel for each other is clear. People bagged him at first, but from what I’ve seen, he’s a good dad. I’m so pleased for them both. This beautiful little girl ended up right where she was meant to be.

  • Heart

    Happybday to danneilynn i love u so much 😀

  • Nicole)

    Soo pretty girl Happy 5th Brithday:)

  • Anony

    Happy.B.day my girl.

  • Anonymous

    Such a Hot gorgeous little girl looks more better.

  • Little beauty

    Happy B-day most pretty baby<3

  • DiaaK

    (shame on you guys who are leaving unkind remarks!)

    There is a LOT of love in those eyes, gazing up at you, Larry. Joyful Dannielynn is a testimony to the terrific care that surrounds her. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up! The rewards will get better and better. xox

  • diane


  • Anonymous

    I hate that Anna Nicole died the way she did…but it was her choice…and from what I read…a combination of drugs caused his death too. Just think of how screwed up DannieLynn could be if her Mother was raising her instead of her Daddy. Her little life would have been nothing but drama…drama…drama. At least now she has half a chance of having SOME KIND of normal life.

    Happy Birthday Dannielynn and Larry….good luck to you! You’re doing a good job…from the look in your little girls eyes.

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