Jennifer Garner & Her Party Girls

Jennifer Garner took Violet and Seraphina to a birthday party in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (September 7). The girls looked cute in their dresses!

The pregnant actress carried the gifts, which may have been bought at the Brentwood Country Mart. Earlier in the day she was spotted shopping there.

A source tells OK! magazine that Ben Affleck is “really hoping for a boy” and added, “but obviously, he’ll be happy with either sex, and Jen doesn’t care one way or the other.”

The insider added that the girls have been helping Jennifer prepare the nursery and stated their enthusiasm for the new baby.

Seraphina is probably more excited than Violet, because now she gets to be the big sister, too. They are also coming up with names for the baby — but most of them stolen from their favorite Disney characters!”

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Photo credit: Fame/Flynet/Bauer Griffin

  • Leesiee

    Why does Vi have 2 different outfits. And we did not see Sera coming in?
    It is nice wonder if it is the same part as Sandra Bullock Ben’s co star in
    Forces of Nature! Thoanks so much miss these kids!

    • Anonymous

      Why does she have on two different outfits? Magic elves, probably, who attacked her and stole her clothes. Or, you know, she changed. Maybe she spilled something and needed a clean outfit. Seriously, who cares?

  • Anonymous

    I thought no too long ago,her rep said she wasnt pregnant…now she is.her rep must feel pretty bomd out about the lying statement.I dont understand why celebrities always doing day they’re not pregnant,the next day they are..whats the big deal to not tell the truth the fist time,or if they dont to talk about it or say anything about it,just say need to put their reps outthere,make them look like a complete fool,just saying….

    • klutzy_girl

      The rep last denied the pregnancy rumors back in May, and she probably wasn’t pregnant at that point.

      But even if she had been – Most celebs don’t want to confirm until they’re in the second trimester and the miscarriage risk lowers. It doesn’t make them look stupid. It’s just smart.

    • Anonymous

      PR reps lie about things all the time. You clearly don’t know much about how they operate. And “bomd”? What is this word? Can’t even tell what it’s supposed to be.

      And celebs have no obligation to tell the public anything about their private lives.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with her point. it’s better to say no comment than outright lie about it, imo

  • Anonymous

    Such a cute family….

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