The Massey Brothers: Bristol Palin’s Son Steals The Show

Bristol Palin is gearing up for her new reality series, but according to Kyle and Chris Massey, the real star of the show is Bristol’s 2-year-old son, Tripp.

“Tripp is the man,” Kyle tells Wetpaint. “He’s just such a good kid.

I think one thing that’s really great is that people are going to be able to see Tripp, how he really is and see him grow up in front of their eyes. It’s going to be cool.”

“Look out for the little one; he’s just like a character,” added Kyle’s brother, Chris. “It’s funny to just watch him.”

The Massey brothers weren’t the only ones gushing about Tripp either. The Massey mother, Angel, also had some kind words to say about Bristol’s little boy.

“All I have to say is, Tripp is so super smart, it’s ridiculous,” says Angel. “He’s going to give people a run for their money.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Who are the Massey brothers and the “Massey mother”?

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, one was (is?) an actor, but I’ve never heard of the brother before. Still boggles the mind why bio put these three and Tripp together for show. Tripp is a cutie but Bristol seems so blah. So they’re probably right that Tripp is the real star. No one cares about anyone else on the show.

  3. SarahC

    Love the Massey brothers. They’re both full of character and humor. Kyle was on That’s So Raven and Corey in the House, while his brother Chris was on Zoey 101. It will be fun to see the brothers interact with Tripp and Bristol. I’m not a huge fan of Bristol, but Tripp sure is a cute kid.

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