Rosie O’Donnell: “I Would Die For Any Of My Children”

We may know TV talk show hostess Rosie O’Donnell to be a tad outspoken – after all, she launched a public attack on Donald Trump’s moral character and had numerous on-screen squabbles with her former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View – but the 49-year-old actress has a softer side when it comes to being a mom.

Rosie opens up in the October issue of O, The Oprah Magazine about her “humbling” and “humiliating” split with Kelli Carpenter. Together, they have four children: Parker, 16, Chelsea, 13, Blake, 11, and Vivienne, 8.

Rosie also talks about her fierce mama-bear instincts when it comes to her kids. “I would die for any of my children, ” she reveals. “And, more importantly, I would live for any of them.” She adds: “…I was always comfortable around kids and always wanted a family of my own.”

Rosie has moved to Chicago to launch The Rosie Show, which premieres in October on OWN. “I’m a mother of four children, and frankly, they’re teenagers. And that’s the reason I’m going back to work!”

Besides talking about her kids, Rosie also talks to Oprah about her past rage. “But I’ve gotten back access to my other feelings. I’m not cut off from my emotions anymore … The rage has gone away … There’s been a healing.”

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Photo credit: O, The Oprah Magazine


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  1. Anonymous

    Look at that photoshopped mag over.

    • Ondine

      That should win best photoshopped mag cover of the year by making those two presentable and even near attractive. It ain’t easy waking up every day and looking like they do. Despite that, they have legions of fans and I’m one of them.

  2. Sophia

    I love that, what she says about dying for them but, more importantly, living for them. That’s such a fantastic quote 🙂

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