Tori Spelling & Kids Cover Parenting Magazine

It looks like Tori Spelling and her kids Liam, 4, and Stella, 3, are all ready for Halloween! The expectant mom and her adorable tots grace the cover of the October issue of Parenting magazine – in costume! Such a cute shot.

Halloween may still be a ways away, but the first day of school is officially here. The reality star mama – who the night before Tweeted, “Trying to put kids to bed. Emphasis on trying. Tomorrow is their 1st day of school! Back to the pre school grind” – shared a pic of the kids on their way to class this week (see it in the thumbnails below).

“Liam+Stella’s Back 2 School photo today!” she wrote. “They had gr8t day. I had separation sadness all over again.”

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Photo credit: Parenting magazine, Twitter

  • hopeso

    hahahahahaha wow Tori that is tooo, tooo cute!

  • Alyson

    haha…Liam is too freaking cute in that pic. He is SO into the part it looks like. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I do not think that is a good picture at all! I get that they’re dressed up and stuff, but, as a magazine cover, it looks sooo chintzy.

  • Ondine

    I thought Tori wrote in her book of the trauma and humilation at her mother’s insistence that she wear extremely fancy costumes and be paraded around at Halloween and other holiday events when she was a young girl. I only read the book once but I remember it, it looks like she’s well forgotten about it once a paycheck for a magazine cover is dangled in front of her. Apparently it was only traumatic for her, but won’t be for her children. Charlie Chaplin and Shirley Temple, I wonder who thought up those costumes for the kids. Parenting magazine maybe? Despite that, it is an adorable magazine cover.

    • CH

      So you bash the whole concept, only to turn around and decide it’s adorable? I’m SO confused …..

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