Victoria Beckham & Harper In NYC

It’s Harper Seven Beckham!

Victoria Beckham cuddled her baby girl close as she stopped by New York City’s Plaza Hotel for lunch today (September 8). If she’s suffering sleep deprivation it certainly doesn’t show – pairing her loose locks with a vibrant purple-hued dress, the mom-of-four looked just gorgeous!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Harper’s dad David Beckham and her big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz over the summer, but this is our first sighting of the designer mom out with her daughter. What a pretty pair!

The Beckham girls are in NYC for Fashion Week – and it sounds as though they’re both looking forward to the event.

“Mummy and baby Harper are very excited for fashion week!!! X VB” the former Spice Girl recently Tweeted.

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Photo credit:, Pacific Coast News

  • mommy to 3

    Still wondering about that back injury. Look at the heels she’s wearing???

  • Anonymous

    She looks so much better with longer hair. I love Harper’s outfit too, she’s a cutie!

  • Amie Cole

    She looks a little like Cruz.

    And so much for that back injury…….

  • Anonymous

    She was spotted a few days ago with Harper wearing flats. This is the first photo I’ve seen of her in heels since Harpers birth.

    • anonymous

      It may be the first one YOU’ve seen, cause there’s another one that came out a few days ago, with her and David and the baby and she was wearing the same gigantic heels she wore in the royal wedding.

  • Sophia

    Harper is so adorable! I bet they’re stoked to have a little girl 🙂 The boys too, of course, but I know how much they wanted a baby daughter.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually shocked she doesn’t have her in a girlier outfit.

    • Ruby&Lucymomma

      That is one of the first things I thought, not that girls have to be in pink, I just thought she’d be more the pink and frills type of mom!

  • Iris

    What a cutie! She has gotten quite big in a few weeks, it always amazes me how much babies grow in the first months. Harper looks like big brother Cruz and has her mummy’s nose!

  • Shelly

    Harper is adorable. Are her eyes blue or green?

    • SMH

      Most babies are born with grey/blue eyes. It’s around 9-12 months when their eye color is usually established.

      Harper is cute but still hard to tell who she looks like right now!

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of Brooklyn (and Victoria) in her actually…

  • Shirelle

    Harper is so cute

  • Anonymous

    Harper is so adorable! 🙂

  • sprink

    “back injury”=tummy tuck & other cosmetic procedures, I’m guessing.

    • Victoria

      A tummy tuck for what exactly, she only had one kid, she didn’t weigh that much before and she was exercising plenty before she had the kids, so as skinny as she was her stomach was toned. Not to mention that there are no doctors who would do a tummy tuch right after a woman had a child.

  • Alyson

    wow…look at all that hair on Harper! 🙂 LOVE her name. She is so big already 🙁 how fast time goes…

  • Anonymous

    She’s sooooo cute! She looks like Cruz a lot.

  • Julianne

    Harper is totally gorgeous , love the way she’s dressed.

  • audrey

    What a cute baby. Love her hair.

    Thank goodness backs can get better. And she is built just like my sister who looked great without a tummy tuck within weeks of het babies.

  • audrey

    What a cute baby. Love her hair.

    Thank goodness backs can get better. And she is built just like my sister who looked great without a tummy tuck within weeks of het babies.

  • nicoleC

    why she wear that boot ? it’s not match

    but baby harper is super adorable 😉

  • popsykl

    sooo looks like cruz…beautiful baby

  • Anonymous

    Harper is a beautiful little girl. She looks a lot like Victoria and Cruz. She will be a beauty like her mum. david must be on cloud nine after having ths beautiful little girl with Victoria. And it´s beautiful how close Victoria holds baby Harper.

  • Get With It

    Victoria and Harper will love these moments of closeness photos! I love that she has baby girl dressed in non traditional infant colors and styles which looks good with her choice of fashion! They look very English styled and practical too! When the spring comes and holidays I am sure we will see a children’s line of clothing created just for Harper Beckham.

  • Anonymous

    Victoria looks fantastic. Cute baby.

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