Kendra Wilkinson: Family Fun

Proud papa Hank Baskett had his camera in hand as he and his wife Kendra Wilkinson took their beautiful boy Hank Jr for a playdate at the park in Malibu, California yesterday (September 8). Look at those gorgeous curls!

The doting parents looked on as their son, who turns 2 later this year, ran around in the summer sunshine. Kendra recently revealed her secret to being a laid-back mom: It’s all about having fun!

Don’t take everything so seriously. Just have fun. Let him fall. I’m just having a lot of fun. If he cries for two hours, I’m going to laugh at him for two hours because he’s turning 2. So, he’ll go for about two hours screaming and crying non-stop and all he wants is me to pick him up. We have a lot of personality in our family and we love each other so much and we can talk smack to each other and laugh about it and have fun with it. And he’s getting that, too. He’s getting my laugh, too.”

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Photo credit: GSI Media

  • F.A.J


    • Felicity

      I totally agree with you. In my opinion this child has to be the cutest and most beautiful celeb baby EVER!! REALLY love his long blond curls.

  • Anonymous

    Totally beyond adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Looks handsome than her parent’s

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to be so mean or sarcastic or Can you actually read. He’s a boy, not a girl and he doesn’t look like a girl, if you want to say that. Leave this family alone!!

  • Doreen

    This kid has to be the cutest of all the cuties on this page. I mean really….he looks positively angelic!

  • Maria

    This is the cutest baby I ever seen just adorable !!xoxo

  • Tazina

    He is so beautiful. I doubt there’s a cuter baby than this one.,

  • Anonymous

    CBS loves this kid.

  • Anonymous

    with a little conditioner those curls could be really cute

    • Victoria

      His curls are cute already, little children do not need anything in their hair really

      • Anonymous

        this kid obviously does

    • April

      Well that’s your opinion. To me his curls are already cute. He’s such a blond curly hair Cutie!!! :^)

  • Anonymous

    Still Adroble boy

  • ronnett

    Hank is a very cute child that is what you call good looking Kendra and Hank has the cutes kid in hollywood no matter what any body says

  • Ondine

    No way the parents or nanny or grandparents or someone can brush or comb this boy’s hair?

    • April

      Of course they can brush his hair and I know you’re jus sarcastic. Why should they have to do that? His hair is already cute. Well your opinion. To me how curly his hair how cuter. :^)

    • Anonymous

      That would be too much work for them. that is the frizziest, nappiest hair I’ve ever seen. just because it’s curly doesn’t mean it’s cute………adorable face though.

      • Anonymous

        Who are you talking to?

        • Anonymous

          when a person replies to someone else, the comment starts a little to the right of the comment they are replying to… you can figure it out that way. they are replying to the person who asked why its so hard for them to brush their kids hair.

      • April

        I only said that his hair looks cute. I think kids with Curly hair are so cute!! Oh and it’s your opinion if you think because it’s curly it isn’t cute. Well for me it is cute.

        Also next time reply 2 the person you’re talking to, because you replied Ondine’s comment but you talked me. If you want to talk to me than reply my comment because people can get confused and some people have an extremely thin skin in comments and if you reply them and you’re talking to me, then they gonna say things like: Get a life, I didn’t ask for your opinion, Stop making a big conversation of this or you’re really annoying, go annoy someone else. That kind of things.
        Hey I’m just saying that. If I’m wrong and you meant Ondine than say that to me. Sorry If I’m wrong.

        • Anonymous

          i think you are confused about how the ‘reply’ button works……no one was replying to you. i replied to Ondine……im not sure why you can’t see that.
          and no one said curly hair isn’t cute, we said HIS hair isnt cute, because it’s dry, nappy, and frizzy. it would be adorable with a little grooming. im not saying she needs to straighten it, leave it curly, but condition and brush it.

          • April

            Oke then I know that, I thought you meant me, because I thought you give some answers about me questions. Sorry My bad. Hey I’m just asking. :^)

  • AnnieMouse

    To the posters complaining about his hair, I’ll bet you’ve never tried to brush out a almost-two-year-old’s hair…it’s hard enough with straight hair! A wiggly toddler with curls would be twenty times harder!! He’s 2, leave him be! He’s perfectly precious.

  • Tazina

    Brushing or combing his hair would turn it into a fuzzy mess sticking out a foot all over his head. This is the kind of hair that you let dry naturally and style a little when it’s wet and then finger comb a little when it’s dry.

    • Anonymous

      It already is a frizzy mess, so I guess they tried to brush it.
      You’re right, they should try to style it when it’s wet, maybe put some leave-in conditioner or cream in it.
      Mixed race hair is hard to take care of, but that doesn’t mean just leave it alone and let it become a matted, chia pet looking disaster.
      I wouldn’t let my children leave the house without grooming them, it’s the parents job.

  • Joy

    Since when people say what Kendra and Hank have 2 do. Guys (just like me), you don’t know this family and you guys (just like me) are not his parents. Focus on your own kids if you guys have any. I have children 2 and also a curly haired son. It’s a bit like Hank hair.

    By the way, He is really cute. He looks like an angel. Of course I think (like almost every parent) my children are the cutest. F.A.J I agree with you, he’s not the cutest kid in the world because in my opinion, like every parent, my children are the cutest, but Hank Baskett IV (Jr) is the cutest celebrity kid!!! ;^D

  • Anonymous

    I must’ve missed the memo!! Since when has being so critical, judgemental and cruel about 2 and 3 year olds become common place?? All grown-ups that partake in this should be ashamed of their selves!!! Unreal…

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see anone saying the boy should brush his own hair, the criticism is aimed at the parents, not the 2 year old. No one would expect him to know how to take care of himself, but the parents should know better.

  • Audrey

    I have a 3 year old granddaughter with hair like this. If you touch it it is soft and fluffy not brittle and natty as some might think from the pictures. Now my granddaughter’s hair is often in ponies or held with clips. If they did anything like that with his hair people here would probably come unglued. He is fine.

  • Lulu

    One of the most beautiful celebrity kids…he is just adorable..they should definitely have more!!!

  • Isabella Perez

    @6:12 there is no such thing as “mixed race hair” you sound like someone from the 18th century. He has spiral curls and he looks adorable.

    • Anonymous

      Oh really? What happens when an black person and a white person have a child? Or do you live in some town where that kind of behavior isn’t allowed?

  • Anonymous

    looking handsome with long hair totally adroble kid.

  • chocolate_bear

    Don’t really know what Kendra or her husband are famous for, but that is one seriously stunning kid … wow!

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