Jim Toth & Deacon: A Sporting Life

Reese Witherspoon‘s husband, Jim Toth, spent the afternoon with the actress’ 7-year-old son Deacon picking up a few things from the sporting goods store in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (September 10).

Among their purchases were a couple of basketballs and a baseball bat – a few of the necessities for a fun afternoon in the park. Reese and her daughter Ava, 11, didn’t come along for this shopping trip – the actress is probably at home recovering from her recent accident.

The Like Water For Elephants star was jogging in Santa Monica, Calif. last week when she was struck by a car driven by an 84-year-old woman. Reese – who is not pressing charges against the driver – sustained only a cut to her forehead. According to her rep she was “not seriously injured and is resting comfortably at home.”

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  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t surprise me that Reese doesn’t let Ryan have his son on his own birthday. Way to keep sticking it to Ryan and trying to make it look like this man who was a stranger to this kid a year ago is his “new dad”.

    Reese is pathetic.

    • klutzy_girl

      Um, it wasn’t Deacon’s birthday. That’s next month.

    • klutzy_girl

      Oh wait, you were talking about Ryan’s birthday. Oops. And how do you know that Deacon and Ava aren’t spending it with him now? Maybe they celebrated yesterday, along with Ava’s birthday? We don’t know!

      I don’t know why you’re judging her for no reason and jumping to conclusions.

    • Anonymous

      You have no idea what their custody agreement is. And how do you know he even cares? Once you get over a certain age, many people just don’t care about their own birthdays (I know I don’t). And he might even be in LA. He is an actor in case you forgot, and might be off somewhere working.

      I always love how people think they know everything about the lives of celebs when they really don’t know anything.

      • All a Game

        Their information is public record.
        Won’t be hard to find anything about anyone, just saying…..

        • Anonymous

          I seriously doubt the person who made the original comment knows anything. Unless they are a stalker. People who any sense of propriety boundaries, or decency don’t go snooping around the divorce records of complete strangers.

    • DontHateTheTruth

      Agree! Couldn’t of said it better myself.
      And their divorce is public record so very easy to find out what’s going on!

  • Guest

    I totally agree with you Anonymous!
    I am not buying this whole marriage thing, never have and after reading the interview in Marie Claire and watching her actions since she has been with this dude, for me its nothing more than a business arrangement. I have never seen someone from Hollywood try so hard to push her personal life to the media.
    She is a media hound, pathetic and disgusting!

    • All a Game

      I concur!

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