Lily Allen: I’m Going To “Take It Easy”

Lily Allen is taking it easy on her pregnancy. In an interview with London’s Evening Standard the singer, who is six months along, opens up about expecting this time around.

She says, “After my last baby, I’m being really closely monitored so I come to London every Thursday for a scan. The doctor keeps telling me to take it easy.”

It has been an unnerving time for the 26-year-old. In 2008, she suffered a miscarriage when she was dating musician Ed Simons. Then when she became pregnant with now-husband Sam Cooper’s baby in the spring of 2010, she sadly lost her baby six months later.

Allen shares, “These times feel strangely apocalyptic. I feel a little guilty about bringing this little one into the world, actually. It definitely feels weird.”

She still feels haunted from the trauma of losing her babies stating, “I was terrified the other night in bed. I wake up a lot at the moment and at one point I touched Sam’s face and it was freezing cold. I was screaming. ‘Sam! Sam! Omigod, my husband’s dead! I’ve sorted everything out and now it’s all over!’ He woke up and said, ‘All the windows are open’.”

For now, she’s slowing down and enjoying it!

Instinctively I always want to be involved in everything. But with this pregnancy, especially with what happened last time, I’m getting to the point where I think, f**k everything. It’s the one time in my life I’m allowed to do nothing.”

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  • Anonymous

    She’s 7 months now, not 6.

  • ZaraB

    Wishing Lily all the strength and good luck in the world. I hope the next three months are complication-free, and look forward to hearing news of the arrival of a healthy baby.

  • Anonymous

    I wish her all the best and hopefully she will carry her baby for the full 9 months! Stay strong Lily

  • Rebecca

    Aww, good luck to her. I hope that this one is born happy and healthy, and that Lily has a chance to be a great mum to him or her. I’m sorry to hear that she’s feeling sad, scared and guilty, but of course that’s to be expected giving what she went through. (I know it sounds weird, because I don’t know her personally, but I really wish good things for her, and hope that this pregnancy goes well…)

  • Anonymous

    If she is 7 months, at least she is in her 3rd trimester and if her baby was born early for whatever reason, he/she would have an excellent chance at survival. Of course the baby needs to be in there as long as possible but the danger zone has passed. Things looks good for her!

    • Bonnie

      We don’t know what happened with her last pregnancy and why the baby was stillborn. Yes, babies born in the third trimester have a much better chance at survival but I’ve seen women who were full term and had the placenta separate and lost their babies. I will keep my fingers crossed for her until that little baby is out in the world, safe and sound.

  • SMH

    I can’t imagine what she has been going through. I pray for a healthy baby this go around!

  • Carrie

    Poor thing.. I cant imagine how scared she must be..

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see — Lily Allen has a baby girl/boy! Wishing her all the best.

  • Pencils

    Good luck to her! I was pregnant when she lost her first baby in 2008, and I couldn’t imagine her pain. However, she didn’t suffer miscarriages, she had stillbirths. That far along, it’s not considered a miscarriage anymore.

    • AJ

      Her first loss was a miscarriage, I don’t remember how far along she was but it wasn’t far, she was a couple months or so. Definitely devastating, nonetheless. Second loss was a stillbirth.

      Wishing Lily and Sam all the best, it sounds like she’s being very careful and proactive and I really hope for the healthiest baby for them!! What she went through was awful and I can only imagine that it still scares her to this day.

  • Gassia

    I wish you all the best lily!! hope your baby will be healthy, and wish you and sam all the best!! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    I would like to wish Lily and Sam every happiness for their new baby boy/girl hope very thing works out for them, they both deserve it, and both their families too as they must feel scared too. GOOD LUCK and beat wishes to you all. xxx

  • Reefdyday

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