Victoria Beckham & Harper Seven: Stiletto Stroll

Watch out for potholes!

A sure-footed Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing skyscraper Louboutin heels as she took her baby daughter Harper Seven for a walk in New York City on Saturday (September 10).

The former Spice Girl is in New York for Fashion Week and has even gotten little Harper Seven in on the action. “Casting in NY! Today I’m wearing #victoriabeckham and Baby Harper wearing Makie, excited for FW! x VB,” she Tweeted.

Victoria and husband David Beckham are also parents to sons Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 6.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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  1. anonymous

    Im sorry but this woman is seriously nuts. She’s obsessed with showing perfection and not show the slightest sign of being HUMAN. The slip disc theory was obviously a joke. I’m not a hater, but geez Victoria is something else.

  2. Nina D.

    A seriously beautiful baby. <3

  3. Anonymous

    she is crazy, she could slip and fall so easily in those ridiculous heels endagering her daughter…I don’t get it…David should not allow this

  4. Anonymous

    she gets so much unnecessary crap for wearing what she wears- but there is no denying she is a very sweet and loving mom, and mean just look at her. these pictures are precious

  5. Tiffany

    Wow!!!! I’m sure that she’s very confident in her ability to hold her baby in those shoes…..but is it that hard to put some flats to walk around with your precious baby? I mean really, if she trips they’re both going down:(

  6. Grandma of Four

    Cannot help but be concerned for the safety of the adorable Harper Seven! I am not being critical of MOM, however, no matter how sure footed you are, accidents can happen…and, when you least expect them with paps around to snap away! I would feel so much better for Baby is she was in a safely stroller! Mom has every right to wear whatever footwear she would like to but Baby has a right to be safe! Prevention is always best!

  7. paige

    Love this lil cute family .. BUT really does she have to wear such high shoes when she is holding her baby … what happend is she fell with the baby in her arms ??????????

    • mia

      What would happen if she fell? She sure as hell would not let go of the baby and let her drop. Victoria would fall three feet to the ground, cover her baby’s head and be fine. It’s not like she is falling off a building!! Lighten up people.

  8. paige

    love this family .. but really does she need to wear such HIGH shoes when she is holding her baby ? I mean what happend if she fell with the baby in her arms ?????????

  9. Stuey

    OMG – that baby should be wearing a crash helmet. One trip by Posh and she will drop the baby and the baby will be brain-damaged for life !!! Responsible parent – Not.

  10. gini

    Holy crap I so would not be wearing those shoes while holding a baby . I Love Victoria Beckham but it seems like sometimes she chooses fashion over health and safety sometimes. Wearing heels all the time cannot be good for your feet or back.

  11. Anonymous

    Geez, put your vanity aside and make your baby your priority!! I guess as long as she thinks she looks cool, it is okay. Not. That is precious cargo and wouldn’t be worth it to me.

  12. Tazina

    The baby’s head could split like a melon if Victoria went down in those heels. I have fallen and banged my head on a concrete sidewalk and it is not funny. All it takes is a bump or an un-even spot and she could go down like a ton of bricks. Put the baby in a stroller or wear flats at least.

  13. Anonymous

    Ohh please wear flat shoes when you’re walking wih the baby in your arms! That’s Dangerous!

  14. Anonymous

    This is not her 1st child but her 4th she knows what she doing. She has been wearing stilettos for more than 15 years and as high as those stilettos are the think sole of the shoe in front gives her balance so you’re on a more even level like wearing wedges.

    The fact that their only seems to be 5 or so pictures out their of this outing mean she did go far.

  15. Sujinah

    Such a beautiful child and such precious pictures .. can’t help to be worried though :/
    What if she falls? Why not wear flats ? :/

  16. Anonymous

    Considering she’s had 4 children, carried them all around in heels- and there have been no accidents- I think she’s okay. THEY’RE HEELS PEOPLE, jesus calm down. You have just as much a chance as tripping in flip flops or any other lose foot wear. She likes to wear heels, it doesn’t affect how she can carry/care for her child, chill out.

  17. Anonymous

    I’ll be too scared to wear those shoes while holding the baby!

  18. Anonymous

    I agree. Really like watching this celeb fam but hek, why such high heels. Thinking of what would happen if she tripped ……

  19. paige

    if i do say so my SELF again … this is very selfish of her to be more worried about fashion than the safey of her baby

    I mean if she wanted to wear ridiculous HIGH shose why not have the baby is a stroller or have a nanny or someone else hold the baby ?????????

  20. Anonymous

    OK This woman is seriously NUTS

  21. Anonymous

    I am shuddering as I look at these pics. It would not take much at all for her to lose her footing and she goes down and that poor baby’s head cracks open on the pavement. I do like VB and am only concerned for that beautiful baby girl:-(

  22. Daniella

    Wow, now that’s an accident just waiting to happen. She can wear whatever sky-high heels she wants, but not while holding a newborn baby. At least put her into a stroller or something to offer some protection. All it would take is one tiny misstep on her part & something very serious could happen to her daughter. I can’t help but cringe in fear & apprehension just by looking at the picture….

  23. Gretchen

    Wait…did she raid Lady Gaga’s shoe closet?

  24. lilseraph

    no way, wearing those kind of heels is just insane. What is she thinking?

  25. Moon

    All of you guys here clearly just saw Victoria with a baby for the FIRST TIME!! Excuse me but I’ve seen her with babies, newly born babies at that, for almost 13 years now! Guess what…she’s NEVER leave her heels while going out with them and she’s NEVER fall while carrying them, even when the kids were 3, 4, 5 years of age!! Just go back and watch her with Cruz in 2007, 2008 & 2009!! She even carried Romeo around, flats or not, in 2009!!! This is a lady whose feet can no longer standing long in flats, and WHO in their right mind would push a pram in BETWEEN TRAFFIC or when CROSSING THE ROAD, which she was obviously been doing in this picture??! If she was putting her baby in the pram you guys will criticize her anyway! It was obviously just a very SHORT WALK to the other side of the road and it was obviously SAFER for Harper to be carried instead of staying in a pram! Jeez…just use your brains!

  26. Moon

    Correction…I don’t think she was crossing the road at all. Looking at the picture, I’m sure she was just going out from her car (the black SUV) into the building, which I’m sure just a few feets away! With LOTS of paparazis waiting around, it’s no wonder she’s carrying her baby and with 12 years of experience carrying children in heels…who are we to questioning her or worst, advising her on parenting or how to care for her baby??

  27. Anna

    I just think the shoes are beyond ugly but I’m sure she is able to walk in them.

  28. ZaraB

    I didn’t have any issue with Victoria Beckham wearing heels during her pregnancy, as she is obviously used to wearing them and pretty sure-footed, but these shoes are ridiculous, and it would just be so easy for her to fall while holding her precious baby. It feels like she’s trying to prove something, but at the expense of her daughter’s welfare… And as for the slipped disc, it’s just not adding up!

  29. Anonymous

    She had three babies before Harper and I am sure she knows what she is doing. She is wearing high heels all the time!

  30. Sophia

    Oh man! There is no way I would feel comfortable wearing those heels, ever- let alone carrying a new baby! I guess if Victoria feels steady in them it’s…okay? I don’t know, these photos make me nervous!

  31. Anon

    Well now I know. Only women in heels fall. Really. She’s as used to heels as anyone. My sister has ridden her motorcycle with heels before. It’s what you’re used to. Apparently most of the ladies here wear only flats.

  32. suzette

    Is she crazy for walking with their boots !!!

  33. SarahC

    I can’t even imagine carrying a baby while wearing heels. It’s hard enough for me to carry a baby while barefoot, lol. More power to her! She seems like an amazing mommy that loves her children and gives them the best! 🙂

  34. Anonymous

    Either the slipped disc thing was a sham or she is an idiot. She is obviously way more interested in her appearance than she is in taking proper care of her body. She was thinner during her pregnancy than is healthy, has had scheduled c-sections for each child, and wears ridiculously high heels on a street with cracks, potholes, etc., while carrying a newborn. Those are not just “heels”, those are insanely and stupidly high. If she tripped and fell, which is VERY possible even in a walk of just a few feet, she’d be going down and injuring that baby. My jaw dropped when I saw the stupidity she is displaying in this pictures.

  35. paige

    1 child or 6 kids it don’t matter !!!!!!!! it don’t matter how many kids u have .. that was ridiculous who said she is not a 1st time mom ? I have 5 kids and been a mom since i was 18 years old in my late 20s now and i still wouldn’t wear high boots like that with my baby in my arms …ITS ridiculous !!!!
    LOOK AT DALE earnhardt had been driving for years a PRO and still had a fatal car crush !!!!! accident happen .. and not a smart move on her part thats all

  36. Anonymous

    WOW! Those are some high heels!!!!

  37. Sandy Eve

    she looks amazing!!! and so does harper. PLS STOP jinxing her!

  38. Anonymous

    Anonymous 1:32@ Are you her doctor to know that she was unhealthy thin while pregnant? or are you just someone looking at pictures from your computer making assumption about her because she didn’t giant a ton of weight in your eyes.

    I don’t know about Victoria but I know with both my children I didn’t look pregnant till the end nor did I blow up I had a stomach a little bigger then Jennifer Garner is now when I had both my babies, my mom and sisters were and are the same way all of us had healthy pregnancies.

  39. Anonymous

    That is one STUNNING baby girl. I LOVE LOVE her full head of dark hair. <3

    I don't see anything wrong with Victoria wearing heels when holding her child, but I do agree THESE heels right here are too much. Some woman can walk in heels just like others could walk in sneakers (I can run in heels). I've many times held a little baby in heels and have never once fallen or felt like I was going to. She's not the first celeb mom to wear heels when holding their child and she's not going to be the last.

  40. Anonymous

    Ridiculous! She puts fashion before her own baby’s safety. Put the kid in a stroller at least, geez! And it doesn’t matter if she’s been wearing heels for years and years…. she could so easily trip in those things! Why put her baby in jeopardy of that? :-/

  41. Victoria

    She can wear whatever she wants to, and people trying to add up stuff about her life is ridiculous, it’s her life not yours.

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