Kate Gosselin To Ex, Jon: I Won’t Accept Mediocrity For Our Kids

Kate Gosselin may not know what the future holds now that her reality show Kate Plus 8 is coming to an end, but one thing’s for sure, it doesn’t sound like she’s going to be taking the advice of her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin and living a “normal” life.

“Jon may be accepting of mediocre for his kids …. I want the best for my kids,” Kate told Matt Lauer on Today, suggesting that television is the best way for her to provide their eight children – 10-year-old twins Cara and Mady, and 7-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel – with “the best opportunities available.”

Despite the show’s poor ratings as of late, and recent public backlash against the mom-of-eight’s glam lifestyle and “diva” moments caught on tape, Kate assures fans (whom she says feel like they’re losing a neighbor) that this isn’t the end for the Gosselin clan.

“I’m sure you will see my kids again at some point,” said Kate.

As for her own ambitions, Gosselin isn’t ruling out a return to reality TV (“It would have to be the right one.”), but is certain that a career on the small screen is definitely her goal.

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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like KATE is the one who doesn’t want mediocrity, not her kids.

  2. Anonymous

    So is she saying everyone with “regular” jobs give their kids mediocre lives? If so…ouch…what a blow! And sorry to say it Kate…but show business is probably not the “best opportunity” for your kids. They will end up hollywood socialites in the end…and we all know how they turn out!

  3. Anonymous

    I’m curious to know what she considers to be “mediocrity”.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, what a nasty comment! She is saying that 99% of the world’s population who work honest, decent jobs are “mediocre”? What an underhanded backhanded slap in the face to working families. So sorry that you think your plumber is medicore, that you think nurses are mediocre, that you think teachers are mediocre. Every job needs someone to do it. Some people want “normal” lives. Get lost, Kate, and never come back. Good riddance. I’m glad her show is gone. She’s a horrible person, ugly on the inside and ugly on the outside.

  5. Anonymous

    Kate is the one who wants the attention. She thinks she is someone important and she isn’t. I am glad TLC relized the created a monster.
    Her kids will be just fine like most of the kids in the USA.

  6. Alice Adams

    Well if no one wants to hire you or give you a tv show or any other “public” venue, what will you give your children? Will you stoop and do an honest’s days work like the rest of us slobs?

    If you didn’t have children, I’d wish you a life full of sorrow. You’ve got kids to provide for. Deal with the fact YOUR FIFTEEN MINUTES ARE OVER!

  7. Amber Nichole

    I always thought she was a bit on the crazy side with how she treated her ex husband but wow, she really is a ditch. I agree with all the comments above me, took the words right out of my mouth. She really needs a huge reality check.

  8. bookjunkie

    I would love to hear what the kids really want. I tend to be Team Jon.

  9. Anonymous

    Does Kate have ANY fans/supporters? Just wonderin’.

  10. andreea

    I like her. She has do to what is best for her and her kids. So why wouldn’t she?

  11. Tazina

    Looks like the $2,000 hair cuts and extensions might be a thing of the past soon. In their place just might be “mediocre” haircuts instead.

    It is doubtful Kate will be back on the air. She is not likeable and her children are past the cute stage. They’re just ordinary, like anyone else’s kids. She has nothing to offer anymore. Her golden goose has laid it’s last egg.

  12. SMH

    The problem with Kate Gosselin is it’s all about her. This isn’t about what her kids want this is about what she wants. She keeps saying that her kids will be sad about the show ending – sounds more like Kate is sad about the show ending. Kids get over things quickly they forget they move on. Kate realizes she’s possibly losing a career that is her meal ticket to helping her raise her 8 kids. Guess what many people have 8 kids (or more) and they all hold in Kate’s words “medicore” jobs. But their kids are fed, clothed and happy! It can be done. It’s not like she didn’t have a good job pre-children – she was a nurse. Last I checked they make pretty decent money! And she still has Jon’s child support and alimony that I’m sure she can do fine off of. Kate wants to live the life of glam with her accessories (i.e. kids) running behind her. These kids will probably have more of a struggle in life is she continues to have them live this life then if she just backs off and lets them finally experience life without cameras!
    Sorry Kate but your trying to make yourself sound like your doing what your doing for your kids but we all see through you!!

  13. Debsa

    Please stop enabling this woman. Thankfully her fifteen minutes of fame is coming to an end. I always thought Jon had a good head on his shoulders.

  14. Anonymous

    You are all making the mistake of taking anything this ridiculous person says seriously. She’s already a national joke. Getting worked up over what she says is kind of pointless.

  15. Anonymous

    What is best for her kids is to ditch the cameras and let them grow up like normal people. She used to be a nurse before having the sextuplets. There’s no reason she couldn’t go back to nursing. SHE wants to live the glam lifestyle of the Hollywood set. That’s why she drags her children onto the national stage. Those kids deserve better than to be gawked at by millions of strangers.

  16. Sujinah

    This is almost sad … omg.
    I am glad the show is over, and I hope no one accepts her. Hope she has a “mediocre” life too, like most of us.

  17. Anonymous

    Yeahhh!! I bet she’s the one that couldn’t live without cameras and not her kids!! She a B**ch

  18. N.S

    One of these days I hope Kate holds a mirror up to her life and sees what she has turned into. This woman may provide her children with everything they need, take them on luxury holidays and spoil them – but she is still a crappy mom. Those kids are going to grow up not knowing what truly matters in life. And truthfully, one day those kids are going to realize what she has done to their lives.

  19. Anonymous

    Glad to see I’m not the only person that took offense to being called mediocre. I love my mediocre life and job. I wouldn’t want my family brought up in front of the cameras

  20. Anonymous

    Glad to see I’m not the only person that took offense to being called mediocre. I love my mediocre life and job. I wouldn’t want my family brought up in front of the cameras

  21. Anonymous

    You know Dana, you pretty much summed that up.

  22. Anonymous

    I soooo hope we don’t see her anymore. She’s so annoying. Can’t stand this woman AT ALL. She needs a “reality slap” not a reality show.

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